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The Smart Bed Revolution

The Smart Bed Revolution Two co-workers wait in line to get their breakfasts at Benny's Bagel & Coffee Bar before going up to their 11th floor office. Joe says, "You look mighty fresh today, Mike. Must have had a good night's sleep." "I did," says Mike. "I've been sleeping better since we bought that new bed a month ago. Even better now than when we first got it." "What kind of bed is it?" "It's one of those new smart beds." "Smart bed? You've got to be kidding! Beds aren't smart....

Beware of Biased Reviews

by Wesley Vaughn A Bed and Mattress article on Beds.Org discussed the importance of impartial bed and mattress reviews.  Finding honest, unbiased, impartial mattress reviews and bed reviews is vital if we use them to determine which bed or mattress to buy.  But while looking for impartial reviews, we need to  be wary of those which are slanted, especially those which are fraudulent. What is the purpose of a review? A review is usually considered a careful, honest evaluation....

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