Posted March 8th, 2014

Benefits of Sleep: The Importance of Rest

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Benefits of Sleep: The Importance of Rest

Proper rest, including quality sleep, is vital to our health and well-being. It is not only an issue of personal health, but one of safety. The Department of Transportation has regulations limiting the amount of time commercial drivers can operate their vehicles without time off for rest. Numerous airline, maritime and industrial accidents have been blamed on operator fatigue. Lack of rest also affects workplace efficiency. Office workers sometimes nod at the desk, with a long string of one...

Romantic Encounters

by Scott Braddam I grew up in a time where a 40 hour week was a 40 hour week, and everything else was reserved for home life. Where did those days go? Now, a 40 hour week is more like a 50-60 hour week and family time is whatever is left between working and sleeping. How about romance? Where does a busy person find time for a little fun in the bedroom? I have a few tips which will help you have a fulfilling time in your bed when you’re not sleeping....

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