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Boyd Air Beds Reviews

2 Customer Review(s)
1.5 average rating based on 2 review(s)
Boyd Specialty Sleep Boyd Air Beds 1.5/5 stars, based on 2 reviews

3 average firmness based on 2 review(s)
Boyd Air Beds

Boyd Air Beds from Boyd Specialty Sleep, also called NightAir Beds, are mattresses using air-filled chambers to provide support. Individual chambers allow users to adjust the air pressure, therefore the firmness of the support. As in all specialty mattresses, the means of support - in this case air - replaces the use of metal springs. Boyd Specialty Sleep says their top models can be adjusted in six different sections of the mattress. There are two series of Boyd Air Beds, Two-Chamber Air Beds and Six-Chamber Air Beds.

Some of the models in the Boyd Air Beds Two-Chamber Air Beds series are 250 SPLENDOR (21" 2-Chamber Pillow Top Air Bed ), 240 SILENT NIGHT (21" 2-Chamber Pillow Top Air Bed), 230 PREMIER (21" 2-Chamber Plush Top Air Bed), 220 NIMBUS (20" 2-Chamber Plush Top Air Bed), LuxAire II (14" 2-Chamber Air Bed), and LuxAire I (12" 2-Chamber Air Bed). As the name of this series suggests, these beds have two air chambers each. The chambers are made of vulcanized rubber. They are placed in tough, puncture-resistant vinyl liners. A double walled beam design patented by Boyd helps extend the lifetime of these airbeds.

The air is adjusted by two hand controls which let the user increase or decrease the air pressure on a scale of 1 to 100 by single increments. Most other brands adjust by 5's. This means a finer adjustment for more finely tuned support. Above the air support core, comfort layers make the Boyd Air Bed more comfortable. Differing compositons, constructions and thicknesses provide a variety of available comfort levels.

Each of Boyd's 2 Chamber models features the Staypure™ removable drycleanable cover. It can be unzipped and taken off for dry cleaning. The actual fabric materials vary: plush velour, micro-fiber, and Lyocell rayon/cotton.

The current lineup of the Six-Chamber series of Boyd Air Beds is 680 SOLUTIONS (22" 6-Chamber Euro Pillow Top), 670 STARDUST (22" 6-Chamber Euro Pillow Top), 660 OPERETTA (22" 6-Chamber Euro Pillow Top), and 640 COMET (22" 6-Chamber Euro Pillow Top). The use of six air chambers in these air beds allows for a finer adjustment of the air pressure. This corresponds to three zones for each side of the bed, one for the upper body, one for the middle, and one for the legs and feet. Unlike fixed zone mattresses (such as innerspring or memory foam), the users can tailor the lumbar support to their own individual needs. The remote handset is designed for this, including separate Lumbar controls, as well as "auto Fill" and "Memory" buttons. A LCD screen has a graphic showing the levels of support for the three zones.

Like the Two-Chamber series, the Six-Chamber mattresses have a variety of comfort layers and covers. Also alike is the removability of the cover for dry cleaning. Another shared feature is the 81/2" high perimiter of high density foam to provide edge support.

Boyd Air Beds are available through a variety of online and on-location retailers. They vary in price, with the Six-Chamber beds being more expensive than the Two-Chamber models. Boyd Air Beds carry a 2 year full, 18 year prorated warranty.

Mattress and Bed Set Model Name Boyd Air Beds
Price Category $$
Listed Manufacturer Boyd Specialty Sleep
Location 2440 Adie Road, St. Louis, MO 63043, Phone (314) 997-5222, Fax (314) 432-3542,
Bed Classification Air
Level of Firmness Firm
Inner Bed Composition 2 or 6 air chambers with foam and-or fiber comfort layers
Mattress Edge Support 8.5 inch HD foam perimeter
Mattress Cover Composition Varies by model
Total Mattress Height 12 to 22 inches
Bed Foundation Solid platform recommended; compatible with adjustable bases
Special Features single-unit adjustment increments
Sleep Trial Ask retailer
Bed Warranty 2 year full, 18 year prorated warranty
Manufactured In USA
Michelle B from Tulsa, Oklahoma says:
Posted on Aug 23, 2014 Purchased on Jul, 2013
User Information
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Date Joined: Aug 23, 2014
Last Active: Aug 23, 2014
Other Reviews by Michelle B ( 1 )
  In my opinion, it is a design flaw not to separate the air chambers and the foam comfort layers. When you sleep at a low number, the foam comfort layer can get between the air chambers and the foam perimeter causing the perimeter foam to bow out. It was uncomfortable for me, it looked bad even when you weren't laying in the bed and I felt that a failure of some sort was imminent.  
  Mattress Rating: 2 stars  
  Mattress Firmness:
  Mattress Comfort: down
Our 660 Operetta did not have enough or dense enough foam for my comfort. I felt like I was sleeping right on top of the air chambers
  Mattress Durability: neutral
returned during trial period. Company was excellent about doing the return- and it was free.
  Mattress Support : up
The six chamber design was great. Very friendly remote.
  Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised:
Quality of materials with the exception of the foam seemed alright, but we didn't have it for very long
  Was this review helpful?   Yes     4 people found this review helpful.  
David C from Port Charlotte, Florida says:
Posted on Jan 09, 2015 Purchased on Dec, 2014
User Information
Location: Port Charlotte, Florida
Date Joined: Jan 09, 2015
Last Active: Jan 09, 2015
Other Reviews by David C ( 0 )
No reviews found.
  WARNING to all consumers. Boyd Speciality Sleep is NOT a reputable company. They operate under many aliases including,,,,, and many other websites. They are all part of Boyd Specialty Sleep and should be avoided at all cost. Their complete lack of customer service is inexcusable and they do not stand behind what they tell you. Their product warranties varies from website to website and they CAN NOT be trusted. If you leave negative product feedback on their website they will censor your feedback and not publish it. Furthermore they will ban you from their website to leave further negative reviews or ratings by blocking your IP address from accessing their servers. This company is extremely deceptive and very malicious and consumers should be forewarned.  
  Mattress Rating: 1 stars  
  Mattress Firmness:
  Mattress Comfort: down
  Mattress Durability: down
  Mattress Support : down
  Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: down
  Quality: down
  Was this review helpful?   Yes     6 people found this review helpful.  
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