Tri-Pedic Mattress Evaluation


Please note: The following Review was performed by the previous management.  New procedures are being instituted through our new ownership and management change over, but we felt that this review was well done, with accurate pressure mapping procedures and deserved to be retained on this site.

On 2-21-06 the Tri-Pedic received a gold certification of mattress excellence.  In addition, the Tri-Pedic received a 5-star rating in all subjective assessment categories from our test subjects.  Below you can read all the details of our investigation and evaluation process:


Pressure Mapping:

Pressure mapping allows our medical team to be able to see how well a mattress contours to the body.  A good contouring effect will provide your spine with better support of its natural curvature, as well as help disburse pressure across the whole of the body so no individual joint will take the brunt of the body's weight.

 The picture on the left is a pressure mapping scan of the body on the Tri-Pedic® visco-elastic memory foam mattress.  It was noted that the body is well outlined, indicating that the most of the body is pressing against the mattress and therefore being contoured very effectively.  A uniform color distribution was noted indicating an even distribution of pressure throughout the body.  Testing was repeated three times, all at the same sensitivity to ensure precision.   Calibration was checked against our two standardized contraindicated surfaces.


The above pressure line graph represents more pressure to right and less pressure to the left.

Linear Measurements:

Our medical team noted that the surface was level and no uneven spots were found.  Since this mattress is composed of visco-elastic memory foam, the surface was tested for recovery after significant pressure was applied.  The recovery was found to be complete and within the appropriate time frame.

Mattress Component Investigation:

The Tri-Pedic is composed of two inches of four pound American made visco-elastic memory foam that is bonded to two inches of a five pound American made visco-elastic memory foam, which is bonded to a four inch American made high resilient foam.  The bonding process was done with a very flexible glue that cannot be felt between layers.  The cover routinely used is composed of a stretch cotton blend that allows the surface of the memory foam to show a hand print when downward pressure is applied.  Three different United States manufacturers furnish all three layers of the raw foam for this mattress and the mattress is put together in the United States by

Independent Subjective Opinions

Please note: The following criteria comes from the previous management.  New procedures are being instituted through our new ownership and management change over and we while we felt that the methodology employed in their subjective evaluation procedure was thorough, due to time constraints, we are currently eliminating this phase of testing from our future evaluations. 

The following are the survey questions asked of our independent, human test subjects.  Each tester was asked to rate each separate question on a 1-5 star rating, with 5 being the most satisfactory and 1 being totally unsatisfactory.  For more information on our rating system, please see the mattress ratings link at the top of each page.  Each score constitutes and average rating by our subjects who tested the Tri-Pedic mattress:

Tri-Pedic Questionnaire:

Survey Question

Average Score

Rate the mattress level of comfort. 5-star
Rate the level of body support. 5-star
Rate the mattress performance while rolling over. 5-star
Rate the mattress performance while laying on the edge. 5-star
Rate your satisfaction level of desired body temperature while testing this mattress 5-star
Rate the mattress performance while sitting on the edge. 4-star
Rate the overall level of recommendation you would give this mattress. 5-star

Average Tri-Pedic Survey score: 5-star

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