Sleep Science Mattress: Your wallet Needs Sleep Too


When it comes to setting sleep goals, the number of hours people spend on bed is considered as a basic criterion by most people. While that is a good benchmark to start, to get the most out of your shut eye, the restfulness of your sleep cannot be overlooked.

Restful slumber is directly proportional to the comfort offered by mattresses. With the plethora of mattress choices available in the market, picking up the ones that best suit your needs may be hard cookie to crack. Moreover, the upsurge of low-quality mattresses flooding the market poses a major hurdle to shoppers looking for top-notch mattresses that offer comfort & durability.

This is where the Sleep Science Mattress Brand steps in. The Sleep Science line of mattresses is made & designed by South Bay International Company. This mattress manufacturing company is renowned for its products that meet & satisfy the needs of sleepers in terms of comfort, support, therapy & aesthetics.

All you need to know about Sleep science Mattress

While purchasing a new mattress it is important to consider its features. A prior knowledge of the attributes of mattress helps to make an informed decision. Some of the common features of the Sleep Science Brand include:

1 CertiPUR-US Certified Memory Foam: Most of Sleep science mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US, a voluntary testing program for foam products that ensures that harmful and hazardous chemicals are not used for mattress manufacture.

Dangerous chemicals involved in the mattress manufacture are the major concern raised about memory foam mattresses. Sleep science is the major mattress manufacturer that ensures that all polyurethane foams meet the strict environmental, health and safety standards.

2 Durability: Sleep Science mattress is manufactured following strict safety and quality regulations and is subjected to rigorous durability tests. Hence, Simmons mattress comes with considerable year’s warranty. The latex gives the mattress longer life.
Moreover, the warehouse store has a strong reputation for service & returns. This gives customers a stupendous opportunity to examine the mattress for an extended period.

3 Motion Isolation: Sleep science Mattresses come with top comfort layers & high-density memory foam that provide motion isolation & hence prevent ripple effects that originate from the motion of your sleeping partner.

4 Diversity of Size & Price Options: These mattresses come in range of models & price options with different compositions & specifications. This helps sleepers identify the sleep science mattress that best fits their firmness preference & budget.

5 Improved Air flow: The mattress is mostly composed of eco-friendly organic materials. The consistency of these mattresses makes it quite breathable & sleeps cool. Hence, it makes a great choice for someone who sleeps hot.

6 Dust-mite resistant: Sleep science manufactured mattress are resistant to microscopic dust mites and molds ensuring its long term durability.

The pros of sleep science mattresses are endless. Because a good night’s sleep always makes the next day better! Preferring mattress that offer right comfort is utmost important.

When it comes to adequate comfort & support, you can be assured of sleep science mattresses being the right choice.

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