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Aireloom Bedding Company

Aireloom Bedding Company has been making luxury mattresses and accessories for over 60 years. Here is their history from the Aireloom website:


For over 10 years, today’s conventional mattresses – pillowtop, eurotop, etc. – have been made the same. They can talk about this spring or that material – but the reality is they are all made the same way.

Known for its quality, Aireloom® soon became a favorite of the rich and famous – from Presidents to Movie Stars. The story goes, when Ronald Reagan entered the White House, every bedroom was prepared with an Aireloom® mattress. The Aireloom® line was only carried by the finest furniture and department stores, and exclusive home decorators would only place an Aireloom® in their most discriminating client’s bedrooms.

For over 40 years, Aireloom® reigned as the hallmark of bedding luxury. In 1990, Mr. Karpen passed away and the company was subsequently sold to the previous ownership.


On April 19, 2004 the original Aireloom® product designs and trademarks were purchased by Earl S. Kluft, president and owner of E. S. Kluft & Company. Mr. Kluft has created the next generation of Aireloom® luxury mattresses – with designs that allow the sleeper optimum pressure relief, luxury and support. Mr Kluft, also a third generation mattress patriarch, was the founder, former owner, and creator of the Chattam & Wells mattresses in 1996.

In today’s world, quality of sleep affects our performance – how we feel physically and psychologically. A good night’s sleep has become not only more desirable, but absolutely essential, if we are to function at our best.

Located at the foot of majestic mountains in Southern California – on a six acre manufacturing site that was once a wine vineyard – E. S. Kluft & Company is dedicated to creating enduring personal sleep luxury. And no mattress celebrates this standard more than the handmade Aireloom mattress. World class craftsmen use tried and tested methods to provide an unparalleled sleep experience – leading to a better life – for those dedicated to having the best of everything.

One of the pages has an illustration, a drawing of a pair of hands working with a wire. The caption says, "Our Aireloom mattresses are made by a machine with 10 working parts."

Although the Aireloom Bedding Company is now part of E.S Kluft & Company, it has its own website,

Update 2015

The 2015 Aireloom mattress collections are Synchronized Support, Rip Van Winkle, Preferred, and Aspire. Also listed is the Aireloom Pillow. Although the last three are new collections, they house some of the older models. Individual models are no longer extensively described on the Aireloom website. But there is a description of each collection, including select photos. Being a high-end luxury mattress manufacturer, models are customized for each retailer or individual customer. But the collection names appear as part of the model names on some retailers' Aireloom pages.

2015 marks the 75th anniversary of Aireloom Bedding Company, and Kluft/Aireloom will be releasing a 75th Anniversary model.

Here are Aireloom's brief descriptions of their current collections:

The Synchronized Support Collection is inspired by natural California relaxation from the mountains to the desert to the sea. The individually wrapped pocket coils in these innerspring mattresses are topped by several layers of "all-natural fill materials." A few of these are organic cotton, Talalay latex and Joma wool. Design features include the "patented Aireloom Lift system" and the Airelooom Comfort Pad™.

The Rip Van Winkle Collection is built on nearly 75 years of heritage. According to the company, "Our handmade side-stitched collection is a modern classic." These mattresses are made with the Old World techniques. They are handmade, having nore than 45 lbs. of cotton in each mattress and are hand-stitched on the sides and hand-tufted."

Yet within this old tradition of mattress making is innovation with the New Wave, an up-to-date offset coil design with heavy-gauge steel wire. Innovation also includes modern materials such as Tencel.

The Preferred Collection is, according to Aireloom, its innovative collection: "Innovative design contoured with the next generation of materials." Aireloom says these mattresses incorporate "Tomorrow's Sleep Materials" and "Today's Patented Design." These include extra-stretch knit fabrics, Tencel, and Celsion latex.

Aireloom's Aspire Collection is "Streamlined innovation for the contemporary customer." They say it utilizes advanced materials and simple elegance. The cover fabric is described as "New Age." The support system is Pocket-Flexcoils combined with a foam core.

The Aireloom Pillow is described as "Complete support begins from the top down." It is not a mattress, but a pillow designed to go with mattresses in the Preferred and Aspire collections.

According to Aireloom, its mattresses are uniquely Californian is several ways: California Design, California Heritage, California Comfort, and California Crafted. They claim to carry on the heritage of Aireloom founder King Karpen.

In 2015, Flex Group, which is based in Spain, acquired ViSpring and E.S. Kluft (including Aireloom). This makes Flex Group the largest manufacturer of luxury beds in the world.

2016 Update

ES Kluft, the luxury mattress company which owns and operates Aireloom Bedding, is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Aireloom luxury mattress brand in 2016. In observance of this milestone, Kluft is releasing a new collection named after Aireloom founder, King Karpen.

Aireloom was founded by King Karpen in the 1940s. Mr. Karpen was a third generation mattress veteran, raised learning the business of making mattresses by hand. According to his obiturary in the LA Times, he was almost completely blind when he started his own luxury mattress company. For Karpen, blindness was not a handicap. The LA Times article states that he examined mattresses, and even machinery, with his sense of touch. He ran Aireloom Bedding until his death in 1992 at the age of 80.

After Karpen's passing, Aireloom was acquired by Eastman House Bedding. In 2004, ES Kluft purchased Aireloom, and it continues to make luxury bedding. Kluft and Aireloom are now part of the Flex Group, based in Spain, which also owns the British top-of-the-line mattress manufacturer, Vispring.

The Karpen Collection has two sets, the Luxury Line and the Sidestitch Line. The first line has five models, and the second three. Luxury Line uses nested pocket coils, Joma wool, organic cotton and Talalay latex, covered with Belgian damask jacquard. Sidestitch mattresses emphasize the use of natural cotton and Karpen's style of side stitching. is a proud member of these and other organizations