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Ortho-Posture Mattresses

Ortho-Posture is a trademark which was registered to Rockaway Bedding Corporation, a New Jersey furniture retailer, in 1993. In 2007 Rockaway and all its assets were acquired by Sleepy's, LLC, a furniture retailer with over 800 locations in 16 states. The manufacturer of these beds was not named. Ortho-Posture mattresses are listed on Sleepy's website and those of other retailers owned by Sleepy's (such as Mattress Discounters and 1800 Mattress). They also appear on Overstock.com.

At the time of this writing, six models of Ortho-Posture models are listed on Sleepy's. Five—Ortho Posture Plush Mattress, Ortho Posture Cushion Firm Eurotop Mattress, Ortho Posture Firm Euro Top Mattress, Ortho Posture Pillowtop Mattress, Ortho Posture Super Pillowtop Mattress—are innerspring mattresses. One, Ortho Posture 10 Inch Kool Gel Foam Mattress, is a foam mattress. In the innerspring models, the coil count for queen size is either 390 or 460.

Ortho-Posture mattresses range from 8" to 15" in height. Two each have comfort zones of Firm, Medium and Plush. Two are rated as "Good" on Sleepy's, the rest as "Better." The standard warranty period is 5 Years Non-Prorated, except for the Kool Gel which has 10 Years Non Prorated + 10 Years Prorated. Foam encasement is the edge support in all Ortho-Posture mattresses.

As to the base, Sleepy's says, "The Ortho-Posture collection uses the Titan Foundation, which is made in an environmentally conscious way by using wood from renewable and sustainable forests." However, on Sleepy's site the choices of foundation are Standard (9") or Low Profile (5") box springs, so the implication is that the Titan is either a box spring with a wood frame or else the frame on which the box spring sits. Split box springs are available for King and Queen sizes.

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