Hotel Bed

Have you ever had a hotel stay where you woke up to a new and beautiful location, but were in too much pain to appreciate it?  If you have, you are not alone.  A good hotel bed can be crucial to enjoying your stay when you are away from home.  It sets the tone for the rest of your trip, and it can actually make the difference for you being more physically able to go out and do activities or even perform better in your work capacity. 

The challenge when it comes to finding a good hotel bed is realizing that you cannot judge a book by its cover.  Many hotels can lure you into thinking that you are going to get the most restful sleep you have had in ages by showing you a glamorous brochure with a beautifully appointed room.  Unfortunately, when you actually get into the hotel bed, you are not so impressed, and when you wake up in the morning you can barely stand up.  You may wonder how you can avoid this potentially disastrous pitfall during your trip.  Well, here are some tips to consider next time you choose a hotel and you want a truly good night's rest:

  1. Look through the brochure and see if the hotel lists what type of beds they use.  Keep in mind that a hotel that prides itself on delivering a good sleep for their customers will have gone out of their way to choose a bed that they can really stand behind and even promote. Some hotels will even promote a specialty bed such as a Tempurpedic model or a Sleep Number bed.

  2. Call the hotel and speak with the front desk about the type of beds used and the level of comfort.  While a front desk clerk may want to say just the right things to impress a customer, you may get interesting, honest answers and even some additional information from the people who deal with satisfied and sometimes not so satisfied customers.

  3. Check online at other sites that review hotels and see what customers have to say.  Of course, you need to really be able to discern who really was a customer of that hotel and who may be just trying to promote or demote that hotel for purposes of their own agenda.

  4. Look for the certification and seal of excellence.  We pride ourselves on being the first purely objective mattress assessment organization and will always show you the results of our findings so you can make the decision yourself if this is the best hotel bed to sleep on.

  Obviously, not every bed is right for every person. If you check into a hotel and find that the bed in your room is not acceptable, you still have many options to help you enjoy the remainder of your trip:

  1. Talk to the daytime manager at the front desk. Usually, if you are not satisfied, they will try to move you to another room or may offer to upgrade you to another type of room. In some areas, such as Las Vegas, there may be another hotel from the same chain nearby where they could offer to move you to. In many cases, they may also offer you a discounted rate for your stay.

  2. Shop other hotels in the area. If your current hotel could not comply with your needs, then there is no reason to continue giving them your business. It would be inconvenient for an afternoon but could easily salvage the remainder of your trip.

  3. Tell about your trip! If you used a travel agent, advise your agent of the problems in comfort. If you booked the room yourself, then call the reservations number or visit the website of the hotel. Make sure you let others know regardless of whether you were perfectly comfortable or woke up stiff as a board.

  Just remember that the choice falls with you as the don't accept a poor night's sleep and hotels will always work hard to make sure you rest easier! is a proud member of these and other organizations