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According to results of the poll in the right hand column of the home page, about 26% those who have taken the poll prefer innerspring mattresses. However, according to bedding market reports, innerspring models account for 80% to 90% of the number of mattresses sold and about 63% of mattress revenues. An obvious contributing factor is cost. Judging from the above market figures, a specialty sleep (non-spring) mattress costs about three times as much, on the average, as an innerspring model.

There are also other reasons for the high percentage of coil mattresses sold. For one thing, these are traditional mattresses, the ones most consumers are familiar with. For another thing, a good innerspring mattress is very supportive when new. When not too firm, an innerspring matress is also cushioning, and a mattress pad can make it softer if needed. They are also widely available with many manufacturers and several types to choose from.

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