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My name is Scott Braddam, and I am the Editor in Chief for I'm really excited about what we have to offer you, but I realize that there is no way that I can answer all of your questions in a mattress review or on our site. Below are a list of common questions I have seen, and my reply for these issues. If I still have not answered your question here, please use the form at the bottom of this page and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Liz B. writes:
I have a new memory foam mattress, and although I love the feel, I sleep really hot at night. Is there anything I can do before I return this mattress?

One option before pursuing that route would be to try a thin cotton mattress pad to put a layer of lighter material between your body and the bed. The cotton mattress pad will slightly reduce the memory foam feel, and the thicker the pad the more loss of memory foam feel you will experience. A pad as thin as one-half inch will provide some cooler nights, but you may consider a little thicker based on how hot you feel at night. I do have to say that even if you go with a 2 inch thick cotton pad, you will still enjoy the memory foam feel, but the contouring effect will be slightly diminished.

Memory foam technology has come a long way since the introduction of the first memory foam beds. Now, there are mattresses which include ventilation in the foam itself, in the form of channels through the top of the bed, horzontal channels between the memory foam and base layers, and the most recent innovation we have seen is a mattress with both vertical and horizontal ventilation channels. This type of design is used to promote air to flow through the foam, which can help you feel cooler while you sleep.

Connie R. writes:
Is there any place where I can trade in my old bed and adjustable frame for a new memory foam bed?

Federal law prohibits a used mattress to be resold as new through retail sources. For this reason, most mattress retailers will not accept any trade-ins for old beds. I have seen some retailers who will offer a discount on a new  mattress for proof that you have replaced another mattress (via sending the law tag in to the retailer or a receipt that the mattress was donated or destroyed). The adjustable bed frame is another option entirely. Some smaller retailers may accept a trade in, since these can be resold as used. You could also sell the adjustable base privately to compensate for the cost of a new bed. It is important to note that a new memory foam bed can be used on an old adjustable base.

E. Brown writes:
I purchased a mattress and I am starting to notice a sag. I turn the mattress every 4-6 weeks, but the sag is still there. Any recommendations?

Sag in a mattress, particularly a pillowtop or spring mattress, is very common. The first thing I always need to ask is if the sag impacts your quality of sleep. If not, then there may be no problem. If the sag is detrimental, then we need to get into the technical questions, such as when the mattress was purchased. Another step is to isolate the sag. You can place the mattress directly on the floor and see if the sag is still there. If so, the problem is definitely in the mattress, but if it goes away then your box spring or foundation is the likely cause. Reinforcing the base with a half-inch piece of plywood should resolve the problem. If the mattress is at fault and is still within the sleep trial period, then returning the mattress to the retailer is the best option.

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