Mattress Edge

For the most part, the edge of the mattress is only used when you sit on the bed, but some people do like to sleep as close to the edge as possible. This brings up the issue of what happens to a person who rolls over on a soft mattress and reaches the edge. “Will I roll right off the bed” is a common question asked. The general rule of thumb would be that if you cannot sit on the edge without sliding off, then chances are you can roll right off the mattress when you get right on the edge.

However, for most mattresses this is simply not the case. Mattresses that have a more supportive base layer will not allow such flimsiness on the edge. Some softer mattresses have opted to add a firmer edge support to prevent this. However, it should be noted that an enhanced edge support will cause a differentiation in feel when lying near the mattress edge and force the body backwards onto the softer part of the mattress when sitting on the edge. Innerspring mattresses, especially those with pocket coils, have some kind of perimeter support for the coil unit. Though this does not extend to the edge of the sleeping surface, it does provide edge support.


Some mattresses have handles at the sides of the mattress and help you reposition the mattress. If your mattress is unusually heavy, handles may be a consideration when selecting a mattress. After all, you don’t sleep on the handles, but remember that you should reposition your mattress every 3-4 months. Failing to reposition your mattress may result in uneven wearing and a shorter lifespan of the mattress. While handles aren’t meant to support the full weight of the mattress (which is the reason most warranties don’t cover handles), they do make repositioning the mattress much easier, and therefore much more likely to actually happen! The best handles go through the sides of the mattress and are anchored to the springs. Next best are fabric handles that are sewn vertically to the tape edging of the mattress. Beware of the most common and cheapest design, which are handles inserted through the fabric and clipped to a plastic or metal strip. is a proud member of these and other organizations