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FINALLY, a reputable site that wants to give mattress shoppers a way to research and compare REAL mattress reviews from people like yourself who have no hidden agendas. At we want to just that. Many of the following mattress reviews have also been rated by the actual bed customers.  Below is a list of the various mattresses that have been reviewed by our expert team.  For each one, we have painstakingly added all the specifications in a table that you can add to a comparison chart and compare them against any others you want to review.  The same exact model, or only slightly different model of mattress may be available from different retailers by different names. For this reason, we also recommend that you shop by mattress brand and line rather just that particular model. As an example, you will see more mattress reviews for Sealy Posturepedic as a mattress line, than as a particular model such as the Sealy Eaglewood. Other mattress reviews will be for models which carry the same name regardless of the retailer, such as all mattress reviews for any Tempurpedic brand bed.   The table below shows how we categorize each mattress we review:

Firmness Rating

Price Comparison
(Price based on a Queen size MSRP at the time of the review)

Ultra-firm Mattress - Slightly more padding than a typical padded carpet floor

$ - Up to $500

Firm  - Does not sink in very much, but feels more padded than a carpeted floor.

$$ -      $500 to $1,000

Medium - Between plush and Firm

$$$ -    $1,001 to $2,000

Plush - Similiar to a cushioned furniture, soft enough to disperse most pressure points

$$$$ -  $2,001 to $3,999

Ultra Plush - The softest mattresses and beds, with complete body sinking.

$$$$$ -  More than $4,000



We freely admit that it is hard to get shoppers to give good quality and unbiased reviews.  However, we have solved this issue and have come up with two very unique ways of getting all of our mattress more  


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  Bed Name Rating Bed Model Classification Price Category Level of Firmness
Tempflow Eros 55(10)Reviews Memory Foam $$$$$ 4Ultra Plush
Tempflow Selene 55(7)Reviews Memory Foam d$$$$ 2Firm
Tempur-Pedic Deluxebed 55(6)Reviews Memory Foam d$$$$ 3Plush
Tempflow Opulence 55(5)Reviews Memory foam c$$$ 3Plush
Tempflow Copia 55(5)Reviews Memory Foam d$$$$ 2Firm
Tempflow Harmonia 55(2)Reviews Memory Foam d$$$$ 3Plush
Simmons Beautyrest TruEnergy Becca 55(2)Reviews Innerspring c$$$ 3Plush
Tempflow Gaia 55(2)Reviews Memory Foam c$$$ 3Plush
Back Science Series 3 55(2)Reviews Hybrid d$$$$ 3Plush
Air-Pedic 800 Traditional Pillowtop Series 55(2)Reviews Air d$$$$ 3Plush
Purple Mattress 55(2)Reviews Foam Mattresses b$$ 2Firm
Simmons BackCare Series 55(2)Reviews Innerspring d$$$$ 2Firm
Tempurpedic BellaFina 55(1)Reviews Memory Foam d$$$$ 2Firm
Stearns & Foster Luxury Plush 55(1)Reviews Spring b$$ 3Plush
Sleep Number Classic c2 by Select Comfort 55(1)Reviews Air b$$ 3Plush
ComfortAire Original Comfort oc300 55(1)Reviews Air c$$$ 3Plush
TEMPUR-Simplicity 55(1)Reviews Memory Foam c$$$ 2Firm
Invacare Mattress for Pressure Sores 55(1)Reviews Air c$$$ 2Firm
Kingsdown Diamond Royale Collection 55(1)Reviews Innerspring c$$$$$ 3Plush
The Lull Mattress Reviews 55(1)Reviews Memory Foam b$$ 2Firm
Sleep Number Classic cSE by Select Comfort 55(1)Reviews Air c$$$ 3Plush
European Sleep Works Mattresses 55(1)Reviews Innerspring, Latex, or Innerspring-Latex hybrid c$$$ 2Firm
Tempur-Pedic Original Bed 55(1)Reviews Memory Foam b$$ 2Firm
Saatva Luxury Firm 55(1)Reviews Innerspring b$$ 2Firm
Kluft Signature Series 55(1)Reviews Latex b$$$$$ 2Firm
Relief Mart Mattresses 55(1)Reviews Memory Foam, Latex, Adjustable Air c$$$ 2Firm
Serta Pure Response Splendour Latex 55(1)Reviews Latex c$$$ 2Firm
Sleep Science 13-inch Ara 55(1)Reviews Memory Foam b$$ 3Plush
Workbench Latex Bed 55(1)Reviews Latex c$$$ 2Firm
Martinique 55(1)Reviews c$$$ 1Ultra Firm
PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress 55(1)Reviews c$$$ 3Plush
Tempflow EliteConforma Firm 55(1)Reviews d$$$$ 2Firm
Back Science Series 1 55(1)Reviews Hybrid a$ 2Firm
Back Science Series 2 55(1)Reviews Hybrid d$$$$ 2Firm
Comfortaire Genesis Series 55(1)Reviews Air c$$$ 2Firm
TEMPUR-Contour Supreme 55(1)Reviews Memory foam d$$$$ 2Firm
Air-Pedic 600 Traditional Series 55(1)Reviews Air c$$$ 2Firm
Discovery and Discovery Plus Waterbed Mattresses 55(1)Reviews Waterbed b$$ 2Firm
Sleep Number i8 55(1)Reviews Air d$$$$ 2Firm
Tempur-Cloud Luxe 4.54.5(10)Reviews Memory Foam d$$$$ 4Ultra Plush
Tempur-Pedic Classic Bed 4.54.5(6)Reviews Memory Foam b$$ 2Firm
Simmons Beautyrest Black 4.54.5(4)Reviews Foam and wrapped coils d$$$$ 2Firm
Sealy Posturepedic Firm 4.54.5(2)Reviews Innerspring c$$$ 2Firm
Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop 4.54.5(2)Reviews Memory Foam d$$$$$ 3Plush
Sealy Posturepedic 44(20)Reviews Posturepedic c$$$ 2Firm
Simmons Beautryrest 44(13)Reviews Innerspring c$$$ 1Ultra Firm
Bob-O-Pedic 44(2)Reviews Memory Foam b$$ 2Firm
Tempflow Celestia 44(2)Reviews Memory Foam d$$$$ 4Ultra Plush
Vera Wang by Serta Collection 44(2)Reviews Innerspring or Memory Foam d$$$$ 3Plush
Omaha Bedding Master Sleep Series 44(2)Reviews Innerspring, Memory Foam, Latex Foam, Hybrid b$$ 3Plush

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