There are several factors to consider other than the type and price of a bed which can have a substantial impact on your decision to purchase a bed. As we talked about in the category about how much to spend on a new bed, a major factor to consider is what to replace when you buy a bed. Most retailers will make a package discount when you buy a mattress and foundation together, but if you only need the mattress, then the foundation will only be an unneeded expense. Do you need the new sheets and pillows? How about the pad and cover? Sheets and pillows can certainly help your new bed purchase stand out visually in your bedroom, but will have almost no impact on the comfort of your bed. Pillows are a little more expendable than beds, but using your current pillows may save you a few bucks in the long run too.

Mattress pads and protectors are a little bit of a different story. A quality mattress pad which rejects moisture can help preserve your bed for years. Whether you purchase an expensive bed or a budget model, protecting that bed is very important. Of course, a foundation or box spring is important too if your current base shows sag or is not properly supportive for your new bed. Using a poor quality foundation can invalidate the warranty on your bed.

Speaking of warranty, this is a very important feature of any new bed purchase. Make sure you know exactly what is covered in the warranty. Certain amounts of sag, for example, are factored into each warranty. If you are uncomfortable with the sag requirements before the manufacturer will intervene, then it is better to know before making the purchase. Also make sure you are fully aware of the process for putting the warranty into effect, such as how to contact the manufacturer if needed and where the bed would need to be shipped if repair or replacement is needed.

Delivery is another important factor to consider as you make a purchase. It would be a shame to spend days hunting the perfect bed, weeks determining if it is affordable, then hours negotiating a deal to discover that the new king size beauty sitting in the showroom will not fit into your compact car. Online or phone orders will generally require shipping via a freight carrier, unless the bed you are purchasing is eligible for package delivery or you live within a close proximity of the factory or retailer. In most cases where freight delivery is required, a semi truck is the method by which the delivery will be made. Make sure that a truck that large can access your house before ordering delivery. Also be aware that most freight drivers will only unload the package from the truck, unless setup is included in the delivery beforehand. Even if the package is delivered to your driveway, a tip for the driver is customary.

The sleep trial, or return period, is probably one of the most important things to become familiar with before making the purchase. This trial period gives you the capability of returning the bed for any reason for a short period of time. Brick and mortar stores will have different needs than online purchases. Make sure you are fully aware of all requirements to return your purchase if needed. Some sleep trials require you to pay for shipping, possibly pay for the initial shipping or delivery if it was offered for free, or to pay a restocking fee if you need to return the bed. If you damage the box, misplace paperwork, remove a label, or allow your pet on the bed your sleep trial may be interrupted, so it is important to know everything before you purchase, not just how long it is. is a proud member of these and other organizations