Mattress Ratings Criteria




We freely admit that it is hard to get shoppers to give good quality and unbiased reviews. However, we have solved this issue and have come up with two very unique ways of getting all of our mattress reviews. First, we strongly encourage you to add your review to our site and are willing to reward you by donating anywhere from $2 to $10 to the charity of your choice. The amount will be dependent upon the quality and length of the review, since it is our goal to give shoppers the most thorough unbiased information possible. That is why we will only donate the money in your name, as we do not want to take a chance of perpetuating false reviews. To this end, we are dedicated to ferreting those out and we go to great lengths to ensure that every review is legitimate! The second way we derive our shopper reviews is by paying a 3rd party survey company to go out an get them by also offering donations to charity for each review given. Each survey is anonymous, so the only thing that will show on the site is your first name, first letter of your last name and where you are from. The reviews will be added to the website, so each and every review counts! If you didn't think your mattress was a good purchase, this is the perfect time to make your voice heard! If you loved your mattress, this is the time to offer the praise your mattress deserves. If you are in between, all the better, as it is the only time that even a neutral review make alter the decision of a buyer. The survey can take as little as a minute or two, but the more you say, the more you may turn someone's sleepless nights into the sweet dreams they always wished for!


How to put in your mattress rating


First, to make sure your mattress rating is legitimate, we do ask that you sign up as a member. IT IS FREE and ANNOYMOUS! However, we will need a brief amount of information to use with our fraud detection screening system. WE DO NOT USE OR SELL YOUR INFORMATION FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER! We want you to feel comfortable adding your review and know that we hold your information sacred. The only reason you would ever receive an email from us is regarding your review, as we do try to help in cases where customers are unhappy or if we have a question that needs to be answered about a possible mistake with the review.

So, despite the fact that we have contracted an independent survey company to get us more reviews from customers like yourself, we need more! Please sign up for a membership (it will only take a brief minute or two) and follow the directions to become a member, including giving us a response to the initial email verification. Then, click on the Add Your Mattress Review buttons at the top or right side margin on every page. You can select a mattress already reviewed by one of our staff or just select the "not listed" and we will add the mattress you rate within a short time after you review is completed (usually 48 to 72 hours).


How To Rate Your Mattress


We ask several questions about how your mattress has performed and you can use a thumbs up for good, thumbs down for bad or thumbs to the side for neutral. You can then comment on each one if you so desire. At the end, we do ask when and where you got your mattress, as this is important for our screening process, as well as helping our shoppers to know how long you have had this mattress for. Lastly, we give a box for your overall comments about the product. Please spend as much time as you can afford to really giving a good deal of information about how this mattress has performed for you.


Fraudulent Mattress Ratings Will Not Be Tolerated!


We know how important it is to have reliable reviews and we will never tolerate any fraudulent behavior. We believe that fraudulent behavior can come from companies or individuals wanting to hurt the reputation of a company or a company that wants to boost their own reputation. WE HAVE MADE A SCIENCE OUT OF FINDING FRAUD AND BANNING THOSE USERS PERMANENTLY! If you suspect fraud, please let us know buy contacting us immediately.


How You Receive Notice of the Charitable Donation Made On Your Behalf


Once you finish your mattress review rating please send us an email to email to us letting us know if you would like for us to send funds to a charity on your behalf (we have learned that not everyone wants to be named when it comes to donations).  Once we have had a chance to look over your review, we will then email you with the amount between $2 and $10 that we have decided to place in your name to a legitimate 501 charity on a list that we will provide for you. We will then let you decide which charity the money will be sent in your honor to and send you a receipt of this. We really want to give you the full $10, as this would mean that you provided a very well described rating and review for a mattress and that is very useful for our site! However, we also know that some of our reviewers will only give us the bare minimum, so this affords us the opportunity to be fair to both parties and not give any reviewer a reason to perpetuate any type of fraudulent behavior.

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