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Vinyl Products Manufacturing (VP), located in Carson City, Nevada, makes airbeds, waterbeds, and memory foam mattresses. Waterbeds are its flagship product, followed by airbeds.They also advertise themselves as "the oldest manufacturer in the industry." All VP bedding products are labeled as Alternative Sleep Systems. They do not make innerspring mattresses. VP prides itself that its products are manufactured 100% in the United States.


That Vinyl Products makes both waterbeds and airbeds is not surprising, nor is it unusual, since the concepts are similar: fluid support for sleeping. Most waterbed manufacturers also make airbeds. The difference is that water is liquid and air is gas. Both types depend of bladders to contain the support medium. The technology diverges on how to manage the medium.

VP has more models of waterbeds than airbeds. These are in three major series: Feather Edge, Dream Weaver, and Discover.

VP Air Beds are essentially FeatherEdge waterbeds with air support. Above the support core, they are the same or very similar. They pair off like this FeatherEdge Egret and Air-Egret, FeatherEdge Phoenix and Air-Phoenix, FeatherEdge Swan and Air-Swan, FeatherEdge Dove and Air-Dove. In fact, the VP airbed collection is named Feather Edge Adjustable Air Beds, and the related waterbed collection is Feather Edge Flotation.

The air bladders for VP Air Beds are made of PVC, not rubber or polypropylene as for several other airbed manufacturers.

The Feather Edge Flotation collection also has the H20 Hybrid series. These "softside" waterbeds feature hard plastic sides instead of foam.

At least one retailer sells the "mattress only" of the Feather Edge Air Beds. This seems to mean the topper (cushioning and quilt).

The rest of VP flotation beds, under the Discovery and Dreamweaver brand names, are mattresses for hardside waterbeds.

Having made mattress toppers for their waterbeds, Vinyl Products Manufacturing now makes memory foam mattresses under their Foam Mattresses brand. Each of the three models is named Visco Mattress prefixed by the height (8", 10", 12"). The top layer of each model is memory foam. Each one has a 4" support core of polyurethene foam and a 2" convoluted polyfoam transition layer. The two higher models add a second comfort layer of Dura-Soft latex and 5" thick foam encasement.

Vinyl Products also makes air mattresses with quilted covers, such as the ones used for overnight guests.

Not many national online retailers carry Vinyl Products Manfacturing's mattresses, but they are available at several local dealers. One major online retailer is Wayfair. The Waterbed Doctor carries replacement parts for VP waterbeds, and The Airbed Doctor carries their airbeds.

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