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Simmons Beautyrest Black Reviews

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Simmons Beautyrest Black

Simmons Beautyrest Black is the top of the Simmons Beautyrest line. The updated Beautyrest Black collection was unveiled in January 2014 and released in the Spring. The Simmons' tagline for this version is, "Luxury Meets Technology™."

Beautyrest Black models still feature the Simmons Beautyrest AirCool Design, which enhances airflow through the mattress, and Advanced Pocketed Coil® Technology, with individually triple-wrapped pocket coils. Also, according to Simmons, the Beautyrest Black mattresses have Dynamic Response™ Memory Foam to work with the Advanced Pocketed Coils to create a progressive level of personalized back support. The company claims that its Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System provides superior freedom of movement and pressure point relief in the Beautyrest Black, promoting Proper Sleeping Posture™ all night long. And to ensure a cooler, more comfortable sleep, Simmons says their AirCool™ Design helps to dissipate heat and deliver improved airflow.

The eight models in the renewed Beautyrest Black collection can be divided into two tiers. The three models in the first tier are simpler, while more advanced features are found in the five second tier models.

The revised Beautyrest Black collection features "temperature management." The quilted cover's Sleep Climate™ Surface Technology includes vertically oriented fibers of Tencel, made from wood pulp, to draw moisture away from the surface. This keeps the surface dry, and as the moisture evaporates it cools the mattress. To this is added Micro Diamond™ Infused AirCool® Memory Foam. The foam is infused with diamond crystals as heat-conducting agents to draw heat away from the sleeping surface. This technology is also used in the new Comforpedic iQ Collection. The cover fabrics depend on the models, but Simmons describes them as "luxurious."

Simmons' GelTouch Foam is used in the comfort layers to both cushion and cool. Gel is now commonly added to foams of all kinds to convey heat to where it can dissipate. Gel also adds to the cushioning properties of foams. The first tier mattresses have AirCool Memory Foam, but the second tier models use Comfort Response Latex, which is more resilient. Both foams are perforated for airflow.

The comfort layers of the second tier Beautyrest Black models add a layer of pocketed microcoils. This puts the conformity of pocket coils closer to the users. The microcoil layer is also lighter than a foam layer of the same thickness. Additionally, the extra space within the layer makes it more breathable and cooler.

Simmons Beautyrest Black mattresses carry a 25-year limited warranty. They are compatible with both the Beautyrest Triton European Foundation and with the NuFlex Adjustable Base and the Renew and Renew+ Powerbase.

Simmons Beautyrest Black mattresses are available through many retailers, online and in stores, including Macy's and Sears as well as several others.

A Note on Reviews and Ratings
For all the good intentions, the Beautyrest Black gets mixed reviews. It is hard to judge the reviews since they include the NxG models, which were discontinued by Simmons in the summer of 2012. The NxG, when it was mentioned, got the worst ratings. Overall, the Beautyrest Black mattresses average 4 to 4.3 on a scale of 1-5. For one thing, they are quite expensive. Including the foundations, they are over $2,000. Then too, several reviewers claimed that they were too hot. Otherwise, they are very comfortable, providing that you get the firmness level which suits you best. The Beautyrest Black did receive high marks for the selections of firmness.

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    Simmons Beautyrest Black

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

    Simmons Mattress Company

  • Location


  • Bed Classification

    Foam and wrapped coils

  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition

    Memory Foam, alternating layers of Beautyrest Smart Response® and Advanced Pocketed Coil® springs,

  • Mattress Edge Support

    Ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge Foam Encasement

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    Quilted cotton-polyester

  • Total Mattress Height

    13.0 to 15.5

  • Bed Foundation

    Low boxspring on frame

  • Special Features

    Wide variety of firmness available, several sub-models

  • Sleep Trial

    varies by retailer

  • Bed Warranty

    25 years limited

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

    Some exclusions, such as claims made outside US (50 states), Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.

  • Website


Mark D from Rochester, New York says:

Posted on Jan 30, 2013 Purchased on Mar, 2011
User Information

Location: Rochester, New York

Date Joined: Jan 30, 2013

Last Active: Jan 30, 2013

Other Reviews by Mark D (0)

No reviews found.

No other details to add other than I love it.

Mattress Rating: 4 starsMattress Comfort: up


Mattress Durability: up


Mattress Support: up


Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: up


Quality: up


Was this review helpful? Yes

Joy M from Beaverton, Oregon says:

Posted on Jun 02, 2013 Purchased on Nov, 2012
User Information

Location: Beaverton, Oregon

Date Joined: Jun 05, 2013

Last Active: Jun 05, 2013

Other Reviews by Joy M (0)

No reviews found.

I tested beds out before bringing in my partner. I didn't share which one I liked and was surprised and pleased we both liked the Beauty Rest Black. We were looking to get a nice bed that would hold up better than the generic brand foam mattress that was breaking down after a few years. Two months in and I love the feeling falling asleep and getting up. I feel supported and cushioned. It breathes a lot better than the foam it replaced.

Mattress Rating: 5 starsMattress Comfort: up


Mattress Durability: up


Mattress Support: up


Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: up


Quality: up


Was this review helpful? Yes

Carole W from Tampa, Florida says:

Posted on Jun 11, 2013 Purchased on June, 2011
User Information

Location: Tampa, Florida

Date Joined: Jan 31, 2013

Last Active: Jan 31, 2013

Other Reviews by Carole W (0)

No reviews found.

I love this mattress. It is very comfortable and I can't feel when my husband moves or turns over. I get a great night's sleep.

Mattress Rating: 5 starsMattress Comfort: up

I love this mattress!

Mattress Durability: up


Mattress Support: up


Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: up


Quality: up


Was this review helpful? Yes

Alice D from King, North Carolina says:

Posted on Sep 01, 2014 Purchased on May, 2012
User Information

Location: King, North Carolina

Date Joined: Sep 01, 2014

Last Active: Sep 01, 2014

Other Reviews by Alice D (0)

No reviews found.

Mattress Rating: 4 starsMattress Comfort: down

The mattress was very comfortable when it was brand new; however, within six months, the comfort level started deteroriating and i started becoming very sore at various pain points within my body. I've now had the mattress for less than three years, wake up to back pain, hip pain and numbness in feet.

Mattress Durability: down

The mattress is not durable; it broke down in a very short period of time. My husband and I are a heavy set couple so I would think that our combined weight may be a cause for that; however, we turn the mattress when we are supposed to and selected this mattress because of its thickness and coil structure.

Mattress Support: down

Mattress does not provide the necessary support to resolve the pain points; in fact, the support appears to continually deteriorate as the mattress ages.

Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: down

The mattress simply doesn't live up to the features/benefits that we thought we were purchasing.

Quality: down

The last Simmons mattress I owned, lasted more than 15 years. I bought this mattress hoping for the same. In less than three years from original purchase date, I'm now reaching out to Simmons regarding the warranty. Let's hope that they do something otherwise, I may lose my brand loyalty.

Was this review helpful? Yes

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