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Serta Suite Dreams Hilton Reviews

3 Customer Review(s)
3.5 average rating based on 3 review(s)
Serta Serta Suite Dreams Hilton 3.5/5 stars, based on 3 reviews

5 average firmness based on 3 review(s)
Serta Suite Dreams Hilton

The Serta Suite Dreams Hilton, also called the Hilton Serenity bed, is one of the mattresses which Serta makes for major hotels. The mattresses are available for sale to hotel patrons who like the mattress they slept on and wish to purchase it for home. It is part of Serta's Perfect Sleeper collection. According to Serta:

"The Suite Dreams is widely used in hotels, making it one of the most sought after mattresses around.

"The reason behind its popularity is its unique design, which was created not only by top mattress manufacturer Serta, but also with the help of world-class hotel chain, Hilton.

"Hilton provided the specifications for this mattress, so it is really built to become one of the finest, most comfortable, and most luxurious beds there is."

The secret of the Serta Hilton Suite Dreams mattress is the patented innerspring coil system, which is designed to especially support certain body areas, such as the lower back, the same innerspring system which has become a hallmark of Serta's mattresses.

Mattress and Bed Set Model Name Serta Suite Dreams Hilton
Price Category $$$
Listed Manufacturer Serta
Location Serta International, Customer Service Department, 3 Golf Center #392, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169, 1-888-55-SERTA (1-888-557-3782)
Bed Classification Inner Spring
Level of Firmness Firm
Inner Bed Composition Plush top cover of egg-crate foam on pocketed inner spring coils
Mattress Edge Support Internal rod
Mattress Cover Composition Quilted Cool Balance® Fabric
Total Mattress Height 12.5 inches
Bed Foundation StablBase foundation in standard or low-profile variants
Special Features Fireblocker System
Sleep Trial 100 day
Bed Warranty 10 year
Manufactured In USA
Restrictions Don't abuse, or use cleaning fluids, or get mattress wet
Kaci A from Plano, Texas says:
Posted on Apr 02, 2013 Purchased on Jan, 2007
User Information
Location: Plano, Texas
Date Joined: Apr 03, 2013
Last Active: Apr 03, 2013
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  Very happy with the Hilton mattress and bedding  
  Mattress Rating: 4 stars  
  Mattress Firmness:
  Mattress Comfort: up
  Mattress Durability: up
  Mattress Support : up
  Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: up
  Quality: up
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Louis P from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina says:
Posted on May 16, 2014 Purchased on Aug, 2013
User Information
Location: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Date Joined: May 16, 2014
Last Active: May 16, 2014
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  Got it. First one was HORRIBLE. Called Hilton and said if you don't send me another, I will dispute the CC transaction. The first one felt like a $99 cheap mattress that I paid $2100 for!!!! Second one came, they CLAIMED (Serta) the first one was defective, though I think they just didn't care one way or the other to be honest. Typical cheap mattress being touted as something special....but when THEY saw I NOTICED, they HAD to send a nicer one... Had Hilton not been involved I am SURE Serta would not have sent me another one... The second one was in deed much better. But again, just rated as a nice king size that could be bought locally for MUCH cheaper. Bottom line? Save your money, not worth the extra money that is for sure...Typical mattress that feels great for a few months, then disenegrates as time goes on....  
  Mattress Rating: 2 stars  
  Mattress Firmness:
  Mattress Comfort:
First couple months yes, then all downhill....
  Mattress Durability:
First couple months yes, then all downhill....
  Mattress Support :
First couple months yes, then all downhill....
  Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised:
First couple months yes, then all downhill....
First couple months yes, then all downhill....
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Ellen F from Tijeras, New Mexico says:
Posted on Mar 19, 2016 Purchased on Jan, 2016
User Information
Location: Tijeras, New Mexico
Date Joined: Mar 19, 2016
Last Active: Mar 19, 2016
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  If I were a conspiracy theorist I would suspect that Serta uses the Hilton to Home as a vehicle to try to unload their unacceptable mattresses. The first mattress delivered when we got our king was not even a Hilton to Home Mattress! If I hadn't examined the bed in a Hilton Hotel carefully (including measuring) before ordering, I might not have known. I refused delivery, and the second bed delivered was good enough that I never wanted to sleep on anything else. However, it was a king and became too heavy to turn as we got older, so I ordered a Queen in January 2016. Once again, the first mattress delivered was unacceptable -- hard as a rock (I had to buy a 3" egg crate pad to be able to sleep on it), and with loose threads hanging off from the bottom and the edge. I complained to Hilton and sent pictures, and their customer service graciously arranged for Serta to replaced it. Now I have a bed I absolutely LOVE -- extremely comfortable, well made, and what I had wanted when I ordered my first -- and my second. (i.e. just like the ones I'd slept on in the Hilton hotels) I highly recommend the mattress -- BUT I suggest you try it out at a Hilton Hotel before you order -- and then make sure THAT is the mattress you get from Serta. It's worth the effort to make sure you get the right one--even if that means complaining to Hilton if a bad one, or a wrong one, is delivered at first. I should also say that the Hilton Suite Dreams Mattress is both soft and firm -- unlike any other mattress I've slept on. It has a cushioned layer on top with a very firm layer underneath -- providing outstanding support in combination with cushioning that is perfect for older bodies with arms prone to falling asleep during the night. It's great for side sleeping or back sleeping. ( Don't know about stomach sleeping because I don't do that.  
  Mattress Rating: 5 stars  
  Mattress Firmness:
  Mattress Comfort: up
  Mattress Durability: up
  Mattress Support : up
  Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: up
  Quality: up
I have owned two -- a king (which was too heavy for us to turn after we got older), and currently a queen. However, each time, the first mattress delivered from Serta was unacceptable. Quality control seemed to be a problem with Serta
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