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Ergomotion Series 600 Adjustable Bed Reviews

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Ergomotion Series 600 Adjustable Bed

"Sometimes a bed can make all the difference " That is the opening statement in the brochure for the Ergomotion Series 600 adjustable bed, and Ergomotion promises their Series 600 will make a difference with the wall-saving feature, built-in massage therapy, one-touch positions, the Zero G position, and optional accessories. According to Ergomotion, their bed can be used and enjoyed any time of day or night.


The wall-saving feature, now familiar in recliners, is a valuable asset in adjustable beds. With this feature of the Ergomotion Series 600, you can place your bed where you want it, raising and lowering it without disturbing the walls or the other furniture, including the nightstand or dresser. Using optional brackets, you can attach a headboard and not worry about the bed damaging it.

Built-In Massage Therapy

Built into the Series 600 Adjustable Bed by ergomotion is a rolling wave massage with three levels of intensity. These can be timed for ten, twenty or thirty minutes, whatever is desired for therapy or relaxation.

One-Touch Positions

The wireless remote of the Ergomotion Series 600 adjustable bed has a number of preset positions to simplify operation. With a touch of a button, the user can select the position for TV viewing or using a laptop, lounging, Zero G, or flat. Or the users can adjust the foot or head to their liking. The same remote operates the massage, selecting the intensity and the time.

Zero G Position

The preset Zero G position of the Ergomotion Series 600 adjustable bed is advertised as relieving back pressure by adjusting to the ideal contour for a spinal health. In addition, by raising the legs higher than the heart, circulation through the entire body is enhanced and heart stress reduced.

Optional Accessories

The optional accessories for the Series 600 adjustable bed by Ergomotion are legs, leg extensions, and headboard brackets. The stainless steel legs are available in three sizes (2", 7", 9"). The black powder-coated legs are availabe in 5", 7", or 9". And legs with casters come in lengths of 3", 5", or 9". The leg extensions are 3 inches. And with the brackets you can add the headboard and/or footboard of your choice.

Design Comes First, Second and Third

Ergomotion emphasizes the engineering and creativity of their design team, saying that with them "Design comes first, second and third." An example of this is proportioning their adjustable beds, including the Series 600, to fit within existing bed frames. Another is offering legs and leg extensions to customize the height of the bed.

  • Listed Manufacturer


  • Adjustable Bed Name and Model

    Ergomotion Series 600 Adjustable Bed

  • Location

    19 East Ortega Street, Santa Barbara, California 93101, 1.888.550.ERGO (3746)

  • Inner Bed Composition

    Heavy duty articulated steel frame with motors

  • Bed Cover Composition

    Depends on retailer

  • Bed Height

    10 inches

  • Head and Foot Tilt Angle

    Head 60 deg., Foot 45 deg.

  • Motor Type

    50 watt DC

  • Massage System

    Rolling Wave, 3 intensities, 3 time settings

  • Remote Features

    wireless, presets for certain positions

  • Special Features

    Zero G position

  • Price Category


  • Accessories and Add-Ons

    legs, leg extensions, caster legs, headboard brackets

  • Bed Warranty

    20 year limited warranty

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

  • Website


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