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Renew PowerBase Plus Reviews

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Renew PowerBase Plus

The successors to the Simmons Beautyrest NuFlex Foundations are the Renew adjustable beds, including the Renew PowerBase and Renew PowerBase Plus. They continue several key features of NuFlex, including WallSaver. The Renew PowerBase Plus (also known as Renew+) is the higher level model. It has all the features of the Renew PowerBase, plus several more in both the foundation itself and in the remote.

Features found in both model series are: Elevating head and foot, emergency down position for loss of power, free-fall lowering to flat position (a safety feature), wireless remote handset with holder, slip-proof mattress surface (no retainer bar), and headboard brackets. Both are powered by quiet Linak motors with a 650-lb. lifting capacity. Both series are compatible with mattresses of all Simmons brands, and are covered by Simmons' 10-year non-prorated warranty.

To these Renew+ adds:

Outlets for AC power and USB connections Now you can charge and/or use your own devices.

Dual massage The massage has two independent motors, one for each end of the bed. One may be used at a time, or they can be used in combination at different intensities or in a wave motion. The massage is controlled by the remote handset.

Advanced wireless remote No clumsy cord in the way, hold it where you want to. This handset adds a buttons for Zero-G, two My Fave positions, the massage control. It also has a ChildLock safety feature.

Simmons Powerbase-4_width-790

The keys are backlit to make it easier to use in the dark. The Zero-G position raises the feet to a position nearly even with the head to promote better circulation while easing stress on the lower back. If you find a position you prefer, save it to one of the My Fave buttons. Also, control the massage. Set it in the holder and relax. If you need the remote again, you can find it.

To the Renew Powerbase, the Renew+ adds an upholstered furniture-grade frame. Consequently, the base sits 7" above the floor, 2" higher than the other model.

Like its predecessors, the Renew PowerBase Plus is widely available through many retailers.

  • Listed Manufacturer

    Simmons Beautyrest

  • Adjustable Bed Name and Model

    Renew PowerBase Plus

  • Location

    Simmons Bedding Company, 1900 Beaver Ridge Circle, Norcross, GA 30071, Phone: 877.399.9397

  • Inner Bed Composition

    Articulated steel frame powered by two electric motors.

  • Bed Cover Composition

    furniture grads fabric on frame, non-skid

  • Bed Height

    7 inches to bottom of base

  • Head and Foot Tilt Angle

    50 degrees head, 42 degrees foot

  • Motor Type


  • Massage System

    Dual with Wave option

  • Remote Features

    Wireless, digital, can save personal setting, Zero-G position, free-fall Flat

  • Special Features

    Can look like ordinary bed when flat, ChildLock safety feature, 650 lb lift capacity

  • Price Category


  • Accessories and Add-Ons

    2-inch leg extenders, headboard brackets, pemote stand

  • Bed Warranty

    25-year limited warranty

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

  • Website


Patricia N from Dixon, Illinois says:

Posted on Jun 17, 2021 Purchased on Mar, 2015
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Location: Dixon, Illinois

Date Joined: Jun 17, 2021

Last Active: Jun 17, 2021

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Mattress Rating: 1 stars Adjustable Bed Noise
Adjustable Bed Movement : down

Adjustable Bed Durability: down


Adjustable Bed Features and Benefits as Advertised: neutral

I am on oxygen so to be able to raise the head is very important.

Quality: neutral


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