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Sleep Number FlexFit PLUS by Select Comfort Reviews

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Sleep Number FlexFit™ PLUS by Select Comfort

The Sleep Number FlexFit™ PLUS is one of two adjustable beds sold by Select Comfort, the other being FlexFit™. These models supplant the former Select Comfort/Sleep Number articulated foundations: Simplicity, Symphony, and Monarch. Select Comfort calls FlexFit PLUS the "fully adjustable sleep system." The Sleep Number adjustable beds are made for Select Comfort by Leggett & Pratt.

Select Comfort touts the features of the Sleep Number FlexFit™ PLUS as, "Endless choices for ultimate relaxation." Among these features are the wireless remote, the wall-hugging design, the Split King option, and the optional Silhouette decor fabric covering.

The primary feature of the Sleep Number FlexFit™ PLUS by Select Comfort, as in all other adjustablebeds, is enabling the user to raise or lower the upper body and/or the lower body to enhance ones comfort or for therapeutic reasons. It can also convert the bed into a chaise lounge for reading or television/video viewing, an exercise chair, or whatever use you have for its possible configurations.

The wireless remote for the Sleep Number® FlexFit Plus™ fully adjustable sleep system offers a seemingly endless gradation of head and foot elevations within the parameters. These include a few preset positions such as flat, lounge, and zero gravity, but you can also save a preferred position as a preset so you can return to it with the push of a button.

The user of a Sleep Number FlexFit™ PLUS adjustable bed does not need extra space in the bedroom. The FlexFit™ Plus is a wall-hugger. This means that raising either end of the bed does not extend it beyond its original perimeter, nor will it move the bed out of place. This means that users can freely place their bed close to a wall or nightstand and not worry about it.

Select Comfort offers a Sleep Number FlexFit™ PLUS adjustable bed for each of its mattress sizes, including Split King. With Split King, each side can be individually adjusted. One user can be sleeping in a favorite position while the other is sitting up reading a book or using a tablet, or one can sleep flat while the other is elevated.

While the Sleep Number FlexFit™ PLUS by Select Comfort offers the same features as the FlexFit™, it also offers a massage feature for soothing sore or tired muscles, stimulating circulation, or simply helping the user to relax for a good night's sleep.

Select Comfort says on its webste that they offer "complimentary home delivery, setup and removal, where available," in other words within a certain radius of one of their stores, since only Home Delivery is available for their foundations due to the size of the boxes.

  • Listed Manufacturer

    Select Comfort (Sleep Number)

  • Adjustable Bed Name and Model

    Sleep Number FlexFit PLUS by Select Comfort

  • Location

    9800 59th Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, 1-888-484-9263

  • Inner Bed Composition

    US Steel Frame

  • Bed Cover Composition

    May be polyester and cotton, you can ask for swatch.

  • Bed Height

    16.25 inches from floor

  • Head and Foot Tilt Angle

    fFlat to 60 degrees head, flat to 60 degrees foot

  • Motor Type


  • Massage System

    Vibrating, target head or foot, also

  • Remote Features

    Wireless, digital, csn save personal setting.

  • Special Features

  • Price Category


  • Accessories and Add-Ons

    Rolling bed frame, head board and foot board brackets

  • Bed Warranty

    25-year limited warranty

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

  • Website


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