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TEMPUR-Ergo Grand Adjustable Base Reviews

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TEMPUR-Ergo™ Grand Adjustable Base

The TEMPUR-Ergo Grand Adjustable Base by Tempur-Pedic has been designed especially for the Tempur-Pedic GrandBed. The TEMPUR-Ergo™ Grand is available in only three sizes: Split Queen, Split King, and Split California King.

The outstanding feature of the TEMPUR-Ergo™ Grand Adjustable base is the "virtually unlimited" range of ergonomically sound positions for the head and feet. These are intended to yield a greater degree of comfort, help the user relax more, assist with breathing, and provide relief from stress in the lower back. The head can be raised to 70° for activities such as reading, watching television, or operating a laptop computer. In addition, not only can the two sides of the spilt mattress be raised and lowered independently, but they can be synchronized with the Ergo-Link™ option if it has been programmed to move the sides together.

The positions of the TEMPUR-Ergo Grand Adjustable Base are controlled with the wireless TEMPUR-Ergo Grand remote, which lets the user adjust the bed while using it. The remote can save up to four positions with the memory buttons. It has a LCD readout, and the buttons are backlit when the remote is moved, so they can be read even in the dark. The system controller can be upgraded to keep it up-to-date.

The Tempur-Ergo Grand remote is also WiFi enabled, so that you are using your smart phone or tablet, you can also use it to adjust your position. A free app is downloadable for devices with Apple iOS ver. 4.3 or later and Android ver. 2.1 or later. The TEMPUR-Ergo Grand Adjustable Base immediately responds to commands from the wireless remote.

The construction of the TEMPUR-Ergo Grand Adjustable Base is heavy-duty, enough so that Tempur-Pedic offers a lifetime warranty on the frame. The durable motor housings are metal. Also, it is designed to be wall-hugging, which means can kee it close to the nightstand. It operates quietly yet powerfully. It also has a 9-volt battery to enable operation even during a power outage, and the user can lower the bed even if the remote fails.

Parts and labor for the TEMPUR-Ergo Grand Adjustable Base carry a warranty of five years, and the frame's warranty is lifetime.

As of the date of this writing, the TEMPUR-Ergo Grand Adjustable Base is listed as a close-out on the Tempur-Pedic site.

  • Listed Manufacturer


  • Adjustable Bed Name and Model

    TEMPUR-Ergo Grand Adjustable Base by Tempur-Pedic

  • Location

    Tempur-Pedic North America, Inc., 1000 Tempur Way, Lexington, KY 40511, 888-811-5053

  • Inner Bed Composition

    Heavy-duty metal frame with motors

  • Bed Cover Composition


  • Bed Height

    Variable with optional leg extensions

  • Head and Foot Tilt Angle

    70 degrees head, 47 degrees foot

  • Motor Type

    Electric with metal casing

  • Massage System

    4 massage programs, standard, wave, synchronized wave, pulse

  • Remote Features

    wireless, WiFi enabled (Apple and Android), 4 position memories

  • Special Features

    WiFi enabled, Ergo-Link

  • Price Category


  • Accessories and Add-Ons

    Headboard brackets, leg extensions

  • Bed Warranty

    5 Year Warranty on parts and labor plus Lifetime Warranty on frame

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

  • Website


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