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Valiant Series Reviews

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Valiant Series

Transfer Master Products, Inc. produces six models of hospital beds in the Valiant Series: New Valiant, Valiant HD, Valiant SHD, Hospital Grade Valiant HD, Hospital Grade Valiant SHD and Global Valiant HD. The Global Valiant is unique enough to be covered separately.

All of these adjustable bed models are listed by Transfer Master in the category Hospital Beds, and all but the New Valiant Hospital Bed and the Global Valiant HD are listed as Bariatric Beds. The Hospital Grade Valiant HD and Hospital Grade Valiant SHD have the additional features needed for hospital use. Valiant models have modular decks.


Transfer Master says this about their Hospital Beds:

Hospitals and sleep labs need to adhere to strict standards to make sure beds are ideal for patient use. Because of those high standards, a lot of hospitals and other institutions are reluctant to make changes to their bed inventory. All hospital beds manufactured by Transfer Master go through a series of thorough tests to ensure their durability and ability to meet the needs of patients and caregivers in any setting. Additionally, we design our beds to be a more affordable option for hospitals worried about the potentially high expense.

Valiant Positions
Range of Positions with the New Valiant Hospital Bed

All of the Valiant Series hospital beds, (with the possible exception of the Global Valiant HD) have 5-functions as standard: Head Adjustable, Foot Adjustable, Hi-Low Adjustable, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, and 8-Button Hand Control. For those who ask, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg functions are tilting the bed as a whole either foot up/head down or head up/foot down.

The Hospital Grade Valiant models add a hospital grade power cord, power strips on the base frame, and a wall bumper. Also, these models have a choice of two, three or five functions, allowing a hospital to trim costs with fewer, more basic functions. They also work with hydraulic lifts.

The Valiant model hospital adjustable beds come in three weight levels. The New Valiant has a general standard weight capacity of 300 lbs. The Valiant HD and Hospital Grade Valiant HD can lift up to 600 lbs. The Valiant SHD and Hospital Grade SHD havve a 750-lb. weight capacity.

These are low-slung adjustable healthcare beds. New Valiant is the lowest; in the lowest flat position, the deck is less than 12" from the floor. For all other models, the deck is less than 13" high. This does not account for the low end in either Trendelenburg position.

The New Valiant, Valiant HD and Valiant SHD in Twin XL size can be paired with a Companion Bed (including the HD and SHD models) for a split King size bed. Hospital Grade Valiant beds can also be paired for split kings. The setup does not require tools.

Valiant Series hospital beds carry a 1-year limited warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing. These beds can be ordered through Transfer Master by phone or through any distributor or dealer of Transfer Master healthcare adjustable beds. Unless otherwise specified, they are sold with Transfer Master's mattresses.

  • Listed Manufacturer

    Transfer Master

  • Adjustable Bed Name and Model

    Transfer Master Valiant Series

  • Location

    Transfer Master Products, Inc., 505 West Williams St, Postville, IA 52162, Phone: (563) 864-7364

  • Inner Bed Composition

    Articulated steel frame powered by electric motors.

  • Bed Cover Composition

    Waterproof covers on the mattresses, no fabric cover for the bed frame or deck

  • Bed Height

    Less than 13.5 inches (except 12 inches for New Valiant)

  • Head and Foot Tilt Angle

    65 degrees head, 35 degrees feet

  • Motor Type


  • Massage System

    Optional on some models

  • Remote Features


  • Special Features

    5-functions standard. Fewer functions optional on hospital grade models. Trendelenburg positions, hi-low 10 inch rise

  • Price Category


  • Accessories and Add-Ons

    Headboard, side rails

  • Bed Warranty


  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

    Keep in sanitary condition, and provide proper foundation

  • Website


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