Christeli is a family-owned manufacturer of mattresses, adjustable beds and accessories located in Greenville, South Carolina. It has been in busines since 1931. A small company with less than 200 staff (at the time of this writing), it is able to undersell major brands.

Christeli products, including adjustable beds, are sold directly (by phone) and through dealers. The bottom of their website pages has a link to "Become a Dealer." It claims on its History page to be "one of the largest Internet bedding retailers and direct mattress manufacturers in the country."

Christeli sells three adjustable bed models: Ergomatic 1000, Ergomatic 4000, Ergomatic 5000. The 1000 is the lowest priced as well as the simplest, while the 5000 is the top model with more advanced features than the other two.

One very good feature of the Christeli website is the Question & Answer section at the end of each product description. Staff answer questions respectfully and briefly without being condescending.

Here are the current reviews for beds from "Christeli " is a proud member of these and other organizations