Dormeo Adjustable Beds

Dormeo Octaspring is a company formed to manufacture and market mattresses based on the invention by Willy Poppe, a Belgian, of Octasprings, springs made of memory foam and polyurethane foam. On this basis, Dormeo says, "We’ve reinvented the mattress." A look inside these mattresses shows that the are truly different. The Dormeo name for their product is the True Hybrid Bed. The company is now a susidiary of Studio Moderna, a company initially established to distribute products in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Great Britain.

Dormeo-Venice-Divan1 Infinity-Base_R Dormeo-Flat-Foundation2
Venice Divan ~~~~ Infinity Adjustable Base ~~~~ Flat Foundation

To support their foam spring mattresses, Dormeo Octaspring also sells foundations: three divans (Venice, Siena, Tiffany), two adjustable beds (Infinity and Infinity Deluxe), and the  Flat Foundation.  To go with these bases, Dormeo also offers three headboards (Siena, Venice, Milano).

Divans are upholstered all-wood bases.  They stand 17" high.

Of the two Dormeo adjustable bases, Infinity is the lighter, simpler, less expensive model, while Infinity Deluxe has more features. Each of these beds is compatible with all Dormeo Octaspring mattresses.

The Dormeo Flat Foundation is an advanced-design box spring made with the all-steel Semi-Flex® Performance Grid by Leggett & Platt's Bedding Components Division. It has limited deflection, making it more suitable for foam mattresses than the old-style box springs. And it is quieter and more durable than all-wood foundations.

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