Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems

The Company

Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is a manufacturer of adjustable beds and mattresses for these beds. It has a complex history. According to the Easy Rest website, it was founded in 2007 by Jeffrey Mowrey and Mo Maghari, and announced in February 2012 a name change to "Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems," though it does not give the original name. The company formerly was Contour Adjustable Beds or simply Contour Beds. In 2008, Contour joining a licensing arrangement with Craftmatic Adjustable Beds. This troubled relationship led to a name change.

Easy Rest (ERASS) relies primarily on online and telephone sales. Among marketing strategies is direct mail, such as a national survey flyer with chances in drawings for adjustable beds. According to online sources, sweepstakes were used by Contour.

Four adjustable bed models are listed on the Easy Rest website: Platinum Model Adjustable Bed, Premier Model Power Bed, Classic Model Electric Therapeutic Bed, and Economy Model Electric Bed. The description of each model includes a bullet list of features, an overview, detailed features list, and details of construction for both the mattress and the adjustable base. No prices are listed; the customer must call for prices, a method like that of Craftmatic. But the models are listed in order from high-end to entry level. This is apparent in the warranties. The Economy model has none.

Adjustable beds sold by Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems are made in the United States. The company has three manufacturing facilities in Tennesse and Kentucky. According to ERASS, they decided to not use any Asian manufactured components after a public outcry against job losses in the U.S.A and Canada.

The Models

The four current Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems adjustable bed models are the Platinum Model Adjustable Bed, the Premier Model Power Bed, the Classic Model Electric Therapeutic Bed, and the Economy Model Electric Bed. The top two models use Whisper Power motors, while the other two models use Linak. The warranties of the top two include a "20-year Pro-Rata Limited Mattress and Foundation Warranty" and a "One-Year Free In-Home Service [for] Parts & Labor." The Classic has a "Limited 90-Day Warranty on all motors," and a "Five-Year Pro-Rata Limited Mattress and Foundation Warranty." The Economy model has no warranty.

The mattress heights of the four adjustable bed models range from 12" on the Platinum to 4" on the Economy. They also vary in their support: Pocket coils, offset coils, "single-sided coil springs," and polyurethane foam core. Likewise, the firmness varies: Plush, medium plush, medium firm, and unrated.

All models have adjustable headboard brackets. Trained and experienced installers can fit these adjustable bases into almost any exiting bed frame, even those made in the 1850's. Also available are leg extensions and casters.


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