Flex-A-Bed, in LaFayette, Georgia, is one of the half dozen largest manufacturers of adjustable beds. Here is their brief description:

Flex-A-Bed sets the standard for comfort and convenience in adjustable beds. Every Flex-A-Bed adjustable bed is hand-built to your specifications by expert craftsmen in LaFayette, Georgia using the same principles of care and consideration we have built our reputation on since 1969.

The three series are Flex-A-Bed Premier, Value-Flex, and Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low. These models come with mattresses, also made by Flex-A-Bed. However, customers may also order adjustable bases only, without mattresses. This option is available for those who have their own mattress preferences, but want the Flex-A-Bed adjustable foundation because of its features. In its advertising, it is the health benefits, such as relief from pain, which stand out more than convenience, luxury, or lifestyle. Flex-A-Bed's website has a list of ailments whose symptoms can be relieved or ameliorated by their adjustable beds.

Besides furniture and bedding stores, Flex-A-Bed adjustable beds are also available online through several suppliers of health care equipment. The principal reason for this is the Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low series. The Hi-Low adjustable bases raise and lower not only the head and the foot of the bed, but the whole bed itself. This feature alone makes this Flex-A-Bed series more like hospital beds than the other adjustable beds on the consumer market. Raising and lowering the bed makes it more suitable for health care. Lowered, it is easier to help a person get into and out of bed. The height can be optimized for thransferring to/from wheelchairs. Then it can be raised to the height most suitable for the health care provider.

Flex-A-Bed adjustable frames have Linak motors, actuators and controls made by the US branch of a Denmark based international company. The motors are claimed to be quiet.

Flex-A-Bed models are available in several sizes - the company says 17. Mattresses can be innerspring, foam or hybrid. Among the accessories are legs in three sizes and locking casters. The Premier has a lifetime limited warranty, the other two a 5- year limited warranty. Premier and Hi-Low have a choice of wired or wireless remote, while the Value-Flex (the lowest cost) has wired only. Massage is available for Premier and Hi-Low. The foundation profile of the Premier is 8". It is 4" for the other two.

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