Glideaway Bed Carriage Manufacturing Company

Glideaway still carries in the name its original product, rolling bed frames made of sturdy steel. The product line has expanded to include complete sleep systems: Memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses, mattress and pillow protectors, memory foam and latex pillows, Comfort Base adjustable beds, youth products, and designer products. Nevertheless, the metal bed frames are still the only Glideaway products carried by a few retailers. The company tag is "Bed Frames and Sleep Products for the past 50 Years. With continued excellence."

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Glideaway's bed frames, under the Glideaway Steel brand, are made in the United States by Jersey Shore Steel (JSS), a primary manufacturer of rails for railroads. JSS remanufactures used rails into various products, including the steel angle used in bed frames. Glideaway has several types of bed frames they make with JSS steel. Here is Glideaway's description:

There is a rich history with the Glideaway’s steel. The steel in many of our bed frames starts its life supporting the locomotives that drive the country’s railways. It is then re-rolled and developed into a line of metal bed frames that
1. Have superior strength.
2. Are made in the U.S.A.
3. Have a green footprint.
Find out more at Jersey Shore Steel.

The Glideaway Bed Carriage Manufacturing Company is a family-owned and operated enterprise, founded and located in St. Louis, Missouri in the 1950s by the Fredman Brothers Furniture Company. The first slatless steel rail bed frame was pattented by Harry Fredman. Glideaway has several patents for bed support systems. Fredman Bros. Furniture now does business as Glideaway Bed Carriage Manufacturing Company.

In the 1990s Glideaway's product line was expanded to include memory foam mattresses, pillows and mattress protectors with the Sleepharmony brand name. Other products have been added since, including adjustable beds. At first, Glideaway distributed Reverie adjustable bases. They still do, but now have their own adjustable bed line designed by Glideaway, the Lifestyle Series.

The reason for expansion into other bedding products was to be able to offer complete sleep systems to retailers, all ready to ship from the warehouse. Glideaway also customizes products for retailers and also supplyies training programs for retail sales personnel.

Under Customer Support, the Glideaway website has two pdf catalogs available for download: Sleepharmony by Glideaway and Glideaway Steel. The site also has two other interesting features: Sleep Info and Pillow Talk. Sleep Info has several sleep related articles: 5 Good Sleep Components, Memory Foam vs. Latex, Sleep Product Purchasing Guide, Sleep Tips, and Mattress and Bed Size Chart.

Glideaway products are avilable through many retailers across the country. Though their store locator does not list Canadian cities, a number of US Glideaway retailers are within driving distance of some major Canadian cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver.

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