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Ohio-based Mantua Manufacturing Company, with facilities in Ohio, Texas, Florida and Massachusetts, is a producer of beds and bed frames, including the Rize brand of adjustable beds. Here is the statement from their website:


Since our humble beginnings in 1952, our mission has been to provide quality bedding products to our customers. Family owned and operated since our inception, we are proud that we have been able to build a loyal customer base throughout the world. How have we done so?

First, we are maniacal about manufacturing quality-designed and tested products. We know that you only get one chance to make an impression on a customer, and that experience must be positive. Our products have been with that in mind. For example, the majority of our bed frames are made from recycled railroad steel. Besides being environmentally friendly, these frames are significantly stronger than you will find from other bed frame manufacturers. Speaking of strength, our patented Sealy Posturpedic bed frame, with its unique level design, is the strongest bed frame in existence. Furthermore, our Wehsco by Mantua commercial baby crib is the only U.S. made commercial baby crib that comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Second, although having great products is a necessity, if delivery is not timely then the quality of the product is irrelevant. With our multiple manufacturing facilities and warehouses throughout the United States, we are uniquely positioned to provide fast and cost effective delivery or convenient pick-up options. Whether our customers are large national chains or small individual stores, the multiple points of delivery provide cost savings, convenience and peace-of-mind.

Finally, our people are what really make us who we are. As a family owned business, we realize the importance of personal attention. Each and every employee we hire must embrace the Mantua Core Values; which we believe translates into greater attention to detail, more personalized service, and an attitude focused on problem solving.

We truly appreciate your commitment to Mantua and welcome any feedback on how we can make your experience with Mantua even better! Thank you.

Mantua provides the bed frames, including Rize Adjustable Motion Power Bases, for Sealy mattresses, including the Sealy Posturepedic. Of these frames, the remote control handset for the Classic is hard-wired and those for the Relaxer and the Contemporary are wireless. Rize adjustable bases are made for Mantua by Customatic Adjustable Bedz.

Mantua 2016 Update

At the Las Vegas 2016 World Market, Mantua introduced an expanded product line. This includes three new Rize Adjustable Power Base models, as well as new lines of solid wood nightstands, upholstered headboards, packaged accessories, and platform beds.

The nightstands and headboards obviously go along with Mantua's bed frames, adjustable beds and the new platform beds. The platform beds address the current issue of the spread of bed bugs. The company stresses that the little pests have less opportunity to hide and breed in a platform bed than in a box spring.

The three new Rize adjustable bed models are Contemporary II, Avante and Edge. They join Elevation, Contemporary and Relaxer. No longer shown on Mantua's site is the Rize Revolution, though it is still available through retailers.

Contemporary II (C-II) is an upgrade of the Contemporary. It shares most of its features with the Avante. The principal difference between these two is C-II is a modular deck design, while Avante is deck-on-deck.

Edge is the new entry level model for Mantua Rize. Just one look at the wireless remote makes this evident. It has only five buttons: Head Up, Head Down, Foot Up, Foot Down, and Flat.

Contemporary II is the most widely distributed of the three new Rize models. However, as the year goes on, we may see more of the other two.

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