Reverie, a manufacturer of bedding products, is headquartered in Silver Creek, NY. Its products include mattresses, pillows, linens, adjustable beds, sleep systems, and accessories. Its adjustable bases, which had been manufactured in China, are now made in the United States. Reverie has facilities in Massachussetts, New York and Michigan. Not only are Reverie adjustable beds sold to consumers through authorized retailers, but Reverie also supplies adjustable beds to a number of mattress manufacturers for use with their mattresses. Among other reasons for bringing adjustable bed manufacturing to the U.S. was to facilitate customizing them for other companies' mattresses.

Reverie currently lists three models of adjustable beds: Reverie-3E (Essential Plus), Reverie-5D (Deluxe), and Reverie-7S (Supreme). The 3E has a wired remote, while the 5D and 7S remotes are wireless. All of them utilize wall-hugger technology and Whisper Quiet DC motors. The 5D and 7S have massage, but the 3E does not. Leg heights on all three models are adjustable.

In addition to the adjustable beds themselves, Reverie also markets devices to link the beds to smart phones or tablets so users can use their mobile devices to control their beds. is a proud member of these and other organizations