Rush Mattress

The "new kid on the block" of mattress manufacturers is Rush Mattress. It was established as a division of Vrush Industries of High Point, North Carolina, which itself was created as late as 2009. Rush Mattress made its debut at the High Point Home Furnishings Market in March 2014. The company is headed by Harry Goodman and Mike Rush. They have backgrounds in the bedding industry in retail and manufacturing.

The Mission Statement of Rush Mattress is as follows:

We are committed to providing the highest quality mattresses at the lowest possible prices, to help you meet your customer’s needs, so they can get a good night’s rest on a beautiful well-priced mattress.

The invitation to the Rush showroom for the Home Furnishings Market says, "Where the fabric, foam, and price point of every line is tailored to the needs of the retailer." Simply put, Rush Mattress aims to help their customer, the retailer, to meet the needs of you, the consumer.

Rush Adj Bed

At the Spring 2015 Market, Rush Mattress unveiled a collection of adjustable beds with three models: RushElevation, RushRelaxer, RushContemporary and RushRevolution, which seem to parallel the Rize adjustable beds sold by Mantua: Elevation, Relaxer, Contemporary and Revolution. The remote for the first model is hard wired. For the other three it is wireless.

Here are the current reviews for beds from "Rush Mattress Adjustable Beds" is a proud member of these and other organizations