Zedbed Adjustable Bases

Zedbed, a bedding manufacturer in Province Quebec in Canada, makes not only mattresses, pillows and foundations & frames. They also manufacture adjustable beds/bases.

According to Zedbed,

Taking a cue from the way we live today, Zedbed has created a collection of sophisticated, high performance adjustable beds to enhance your everyday life within the comforts of your own home.

Your Zedbed adjustable bed offers you a whole new way to relax, whether you're reading, watching TV, working online, checking the news on your tablet computer, or savoring breakfast in bed! Say so long to discomfort—now you can find the right position for any and all activities!

With a practically limitless number of back and leg positions possible, your adjustable Zedbed will let you transform your downtime and sleep time, improving circulation and relieving pressure points. No matter your age, your body deserves pampering!

Create your own world of comfort with one of our Zedbed adjustable models.

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Zedbed currently lists and describes seven models on their website: Zed-Flex, Zed-Up, Custom-Z / Wall- Hugger, 5 Deluxe, 9000, Z-Pedic, and Z-Motion. The first four models on this list are marked as "New!" There are other, presumably older, models named in downloadable literature from Zedbed, such as 900. A few retailers, such as Sears Canada, have their own names for the Zedbed Adjustable Bases they carry.

All of the Zebdbed Adjustable Bases are compatible with Zedbed mattresses, and may be compatible with other mattresses a customer already has. However, the 9000 model comes only with its own mattress.

Each of Zedbed's new adjustable base models comes with a wireless remote with RF technology. One of the remaining three (9000) has a plug-in (wired) remote, and the other two offer a choice of remotes.

ZedBed Hand Control

The motors for Zedbed Adjustable Bases use German technology, but are built in the United States. The remainder of the base is made in Canada. Depending on the model, the lifting capacities of the motors range from 600 to 1,000 pounds.

Most of the adjustable beds by Zedbed will work with just about any kind of foundation or bed frame. Most have legs, so can be used without a frame or foundation. The Z-Pedic does not have legs and has to be used with the Z-Pedic wood foundation.

Wall-Hugger technology (called Wall-Snuggler in one model) is standard in some models and optional in one, but not mentioned in the descriptions of the other models. This feature allows the user to stay within reach of the nightstand.

The warranty on Zedbed Adjustable Bases is for 20 years (at least on the frame). These are available across Canada with several retailers.


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