If you are a parent, then you already know that kids can be finicky and are prone to change their minds, especially when we refer to things that their friends will judge them by. Clothes, shoes, backpacks, jewelry, and even bedroom furniture can leave a lasting impression on their friends minds, and can effect your kids social status. As adults, we look back on the school times and think that we were so foolish to judge and be judged based on the color of our shoes or brand of our jeans, but we often forget how important it was to us at the time. With that in mind, furniture designers make kids bedroom furniture with styles ranging from the classic princess bedroom set to themes from the latest kids movies and cartoons. Disney has been a mainstay in kids bedroom furniture themes, and newer icons such as Spongebob Squarepants and Buzz and Woody from the movie Toy Story are popular themes today.

Kids furniture is more often judged by the theme and less by material or style. One thing which is for certain, your kids bedroom furniture can have an impact on their development. As an example, a child who grows up in a military-themed room may show more desire to become a soldier, while a young girl who's room is adorned with a princess theme may show more of an attachment to fancier things later in life. Making the right choice with your kids is therefore a very important step.

So what types of kids furniture are available for you and your kids? Well, one of the more popular kids bedroom furniture pieces is the bunk bed. Bunk beds are common with families who have two children of the same gender who are close in age. Bunk beds also appear to be more popular with boys than girls. Bunk beds come in many styles, such as a twin-over-twin or twin-over-full size option. Another variant of the bunk bed is the loft bed, which will feature a desk, and in some cases a twin bed, on the lower half and a twin bed above. For this design, the two beds would be at a 90-degree angle from each other. This setup is great for school-aged kids.

Trundle beds, which is a twin or full size bed with a hidden twin bed below, is another popular type of kids furniture. This bed allows for maximum use of space while keeping the versatility of an extra bed for visitors. If your kids enjoy having sleepovers (and what kid doesn't like a sleepover) then this could be a great choice for you.

Kids furniture can also include toddler beds and cribs. A toddler bed is a small bed frame which is usually designed to take a standard crib mattress, but can require another size of mattress. Toddler beds generally sit low to the ground and have a barrier on one or both sides to prevent your toddler from rolling off of the bed. Toddler beds are generally inexpensive and will only be used for a year or two tr help your child transition from a crib to a regular bed. A crib is a familiar piece of furniture for infants. Most cribs feature one side which can move up and down, and many have adjustable levels for the base. This is done so that as your baby develops, you can adjust the security of the crib to prevent you baby from climbing and falling out of the crib.

When you look at kids furniture, you should not only look at the bed type, but also the complimentary furniture. You child may not like having a princess bed, soldier dresser, cartoon toybox, and pop-star decorations. Shopping in specialty kids stores and on websites aimed at kids furniture is a good place to start. Surprisingly, you can actually save alot of money purchasing the entire set from one retailer at one time compared to purchasing one piece at a time from many different retailers.


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