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Air-Pedic™ is a trademark of Relief-Mart, Inc., a Westlake, California seller of "pain relief, comfort and support products." Air-Pedic mattresses are in the luxury airbed category and a competitor of Sleep Number . Relief-Mart also makes and sells memory foam mattresses under the Tempflow brand. While Tempflow has its own website, Air-Pedic airbeds are listed on the site.

Currently, there are 8 Air-Pedic models in their mattress line and each utilize six chambers. The two-chamber series, Air-Pedic 200 and Air-Pedic 300, are no longer listed. The six-chambered series of airbed models are Air-Pedic 400 Traditional Series, Air-Pedic Memory Foam 500 Series, Air-Pedic 600 Traditional Series, Air-Pedic Memory Foam 700 Series, Air-Pedic 800 Traditional Series, Air-Pedic 900 Memory Foam Series, Air-Pedic 1000 Ultra-Plush Pillow-Top Series, and Air-Pedic 1200 Ultra-Plush Memory Foam Series. Selectabed compares each of these, except 500 and 700, to Select Comfort/Sleep Number models.

Common to each of the current Air-Pedic airbed models is their 6-Zone Air Support System for dual beds. Each side of the bed has three air chambers, one each for head, torso and feet. on each side of the bed, each chamber is controlled separately to configure support for the body. For instance, a side sleeper needs a different configuration than a back sleeper. Also, persons of diffeent sizes and proportions need different support configurations. Overall, this is to mean better lumbar support.


6-Zone Air Support

Poor Spinal Alignment Caused By Hammocking Of Mid-Section

Spinal Straightening With Air-Pedic™ Lumbar 3 and 6-Zone Technology

According to Selectabed, each air chamber core is 6" thick, and each chamber is made of "100% Medical Grade, Ultra-Flexible Urethane." These chambers are RF welded to be resistant to bacteria. They claim the air pumps are quiet and "fast working."

What differentiates the Air-Pedic airbed models from each other are the comfort layers and the covers. Each airbed model has a comfort foam layer on a support transition foam layer (one model, the 1000, has two comfort foam layers). Relief-Mart/Selectabed claims that all their foams are CertiPur-US certified to be free from toxic or otherwise harmful substances.

Selectabed has foundations and beds suitable for the Air-Pedic airbeds. These include adjustable beds from three major manufacturers: Leggett & Platt, Reverie and Ergomotion.

There is a 120 night sleep trial for Air-Pedic airbeds, and they are covered by Relief-Mart's 30-year Limited Warranty. is a proud member of these and other organizations