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Amerisleep is a manufacturer of memory foam mattresses located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is part of One Mall Group, which specializes in online marketing of mattresses, adjustable beds and housewares. It is owned and managed by Firas Kittaneh. This group also includes Astrabeds latex mattresses and eSleepmasters (waterbeds).

The company began in 2006 as Simply Rest, a store selling Amerisleep and Astrabeds mattresses. Half a year later, the physical store was closed to focus on online sales. Amerisleep manufactures their products in Arizona. According to them, their memory foam is plant-based. From what other manufacturers using plant-based foams have said, this does not mean the memory foam is made from 100% plant-derived (botanical) oils, but that 15% to 23% of the oils (polyols) come from plants, because a certain amount of petroleum polyols are necessary for quality memory foam and polyurethane. The percentage could be a little higher now, but not by much.

In 2015, Amerisleep revised several aspects of its mattress features and added another model.  One of the revisions is in the cover, which now has a waterfall knit top panel which is scuplted and double-knit. Celiant has been added to yarns in the covers for temperature regulation.  The new model, Independence Bed, features a layer of high-resilience polyurethane foam which approximates latex in its response.

There are six Amerisleep mattress models: Columbus Bed, Americana Bed, Liberty Bed, Revere Bed, Colonial Bed and Independence Bed. They range in stated firmness from very firm (9 on a scale of 10) to very soft/plush (2/10), and from 8" to 14" in height.

The memory foam used in Amerisleep mattresses is called Bio-Pur, and the base foam in the support core Bio-Core. Both foams are claimed to have significant plant-based polyol content.

Amerisleep lists all their memory foam models as adjustable bed compatible. The company does sell Ergomotion and Leggett & Platt models.

Amerisleep advertises a 20-year warranty and a 100-day guarantee (return period).

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