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Bassett Furniture Industries

Bassett Furniture Industries is a furniture maker which also makes its own line of mattresses and beds. Bassett was founded in the late 1800’s as a family sawmill in Martinsville, VA. Their primary customer was the rapidly expanding rail system in the area, and once the rail lines were completed the Bassett family began distributing lumber to hardware stores. By 1902, The Bassett family began manufacturing oak furniture locally. Early on, a Bassett bed (without mattress of course) sold for about $1.50.

Fast-forward about 110 years. Bassett Furniture has now purchased an upholstery company, which has allowed them to manufacture more than just wood furniture. This new capability, plus Bassett’s resistance to “big box” retail stores has led the Bassett Furniture Company to maintain hundreds of their own brick-and-mortar retail stores, plus an online retail presence from which you can order furniture in the comfort of your home.

Bassett does currently manufacture several lines of beds, but apparently none of the mattresses had been available online, but now (in 2013) three Bassett mattresses are listed. You can go to for a store locator, and some major bed retailers will also carry the Bassett line of mattresses.

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