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Bio-Textima (VitalWOOD)

Bio-Textima is a bedding manufacturer based in Bősárkány, Hungary. It also has facilities in Germany. Currently, this manufacturer is making bedding and furniture industry news because of the introduction of its new VitalWOOD brand of mattresses at the Las Vegas [Furniture] Market in January 2014, featuring springs made of wood. Here is what the company says about itself:


About Bio-Textima

BIO-TEXTIMA was launched as a family business producing wool products and organic mattresses in 1993. The quality of our products was first recognised abroad, in Austria and Germany. Our company, committed to organic and harmonic sleeping is acknowledged as one of the defining organic producers in Hungary. Our business is growing in Eastern as well as Western European markets.

Our factory manufactures quality bedroom furniture, slats, mattresses, organic mattresses and wool products. We only use natural materials or materials with high natural content. We offer our customers complex bedroom solutions that combine organic culture with the elegance of enduring, solid wood furniture.

Our product development is furthered by clinical and medical tests and our achievements have been acknowledged by many Hungarian and international awards.


The products produced and sold by Bio-Textima include:
- Organic mattresses
- Anatomical comfort foam mattresses
- Anti-stress vacuum mattresses
- Bio-Flex sleep system
- Slats
- Solid bedroom furniture
- Wool products
- Children’s range
- Pillows

On the VitalWOOD website, Bio-Textima says, "The appropriate materials are paired with unique and inventive structural solutions. Our ever widening anatomic and ergonomic knowledge gained over 20 years makes possible our only having beds in our product range which guarantee outstanding comfort and a healthy sleeping environment." In this case, the material is wood, and the solution is for electromagnetic pollution, which they have labeled "electro-smog." This development has already won an award for innovation.

Bio-Textima/VitalWOOD goes on to explain what they mean by "electro-smog" on the website. In their article they explain the benefits of having a bed with no metal, especially not springs. In short, metal beds collect, amplify and distort electromagnetic impulses or waves. These may be from radio and TV broadcasts, microwave radiation, operation of electric equipment, or magnetic currents generated by power lines and house wiring. This even includes geomagnetic currents produced by earth itself, including local geologic structures.

Quoting a geophysicist and a medical researcher, VitalWOOD describes adverse effects on the human body of electromagnetic pollution as amplified by metal coils. This affects the heart, the nerves, metabolism, and other body systems. The results are poor circulation, cardiac irregularities, nervousness, unrestful sleep, and other disorders. The claim is that these effects are scientifically measurable.

The solution, according to Bio-Textima is to replace metal coils with non-metal ones. This had already been partly done with the development of European style wood slat foundations to provide the benefits of box springs without metal coils. Now with the VitalWOOD wooden springs, this is extended to the mattress itself.

According to a German retailer, the Bio-Textima/VitalWOOD wood coil mattresses will be "available within 21 to 28 days." These could include the C-1565 displayed at the Las Vegas Market. Then we, the consumers, will be able to judge for ourselves the qualities of this innovative sleep system.

Reviews of Bio-Textima's wood coil mattresses are listed on the VitalWOOD manufacturer's page. is a proud member of these and other organizations