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Bios Sleep System


  A magazine ad from the 1950's shows a cut-away drawing of a foam mattress conforming to the body contours of a sleeper. The brand? Firestone Foamex. Most of us are too young to remember this ad, and yes, it predates memory foam by two decades. Foamex was a division of Firestone Rubber and Latex Products Company specializing in various foam products. Their mattresses were made with latex foam (a.k.a. "foam rubber") under the trade name of Foamex.

General Felt bought Foamex from Firestone in the 1980's. Polyurethane foam and memory foam were added. In 2009 Foamex International became FXI. The bedding products divisions of FXI are Bios Sleep System and Anatomic Global. Today's Bios mattresses are direct descendants of the Foamex mattresses in magazine ads our parents or grandparents saw in the 1950's.

Bios Sleep System's self description is as follows:

BIOS™ Sleep System products are specifically designed to give your body the perfect night’s rest. From pressure relief to vital support to enhanced performance, BIOS™ pillows, toppers and mattresses are precisely engineered to deliver customized comfort where you need it most.

BIOS™ - Greek for Life. Find your fit. Fit your life. Choose the right Sleep System for you.

Bios describes their products in three categories: Relief, Support and Performance, emphasizing the primary functional feature of products in each category. Under each category are descriptions of pillows, toppers and mattresses.

Relief products use gel-infused memory foam to provide pressure relief in addition to sculpting of material. The covers are made with SleepSkin™ fabric to regulate surface temperature and wick away moisture.  The mattress in this category is the Bios 10" Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress.

The Support products focus on supporting areas of the body (head, neck, shoulders, back, hips) for healthy sleeping posture. The removable and washable cover is BodyFit® fabric. It boasts of three zones with differing elasticity to coordinate with the underlying materials and add pressure relief. This category is represented by the Bios Back Support 10" Foam Mattress.

While Relief products rely on contouring conformance, Performance products are known for resilience for active sleepers. Bios says, "High-resilient foam is livelier and springier than other foams. It actively contours to your body’s night movements to maintain constant and comfortable contact on key pressure points from head to toe." The cover fabric, Celliant® is designed for maintaining a comfortable temperature. The Performance mattress model is the Bios Energizing Performance 10" Foam Mattress.

The company also has a section online called "The Science Behind BIOS™ Sleep System." The company claims that this is "Eco-Friendly, Extends Mattress Life, and is Hypo-allergenic." Bios describes their science/technology in three areas: Exceptional Foam, Superior Sleep Surface, and Patented Technology and Foam Innovation. Exceptional Foam describes four types of foam: Gel-Infused Memory Foam, Memory Foam, High-resilient foam, and Responsive Foam. The three fabrics are detailed under Superior Sleep Surface. And Patented Technology and Foam Innovation says, "Patented sculpting technology, innovative contour designs, zoning and ventilation are added to the foam to provide the relief, support or energy return needed on that specific product."

Bios Sleep System's products are made in the United States. Among retailers listing their mattresses are Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Wayfair and several others. The mattresses listed are the three named above. Although made in the U.S.A., they are still in the low-to-moderate price range. They come with a 20-year manufacturers warranty. is a proud member of these and other organizations