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Boyd Specialty Sleep (BSS), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, manufactures and imports products for sleeping, including mattresses. Their mattresses are manufactured in the United States in St. Louis and in Fontana, California. BSS mattresses include waterbeds, air beds, memory foam, latex, and gel. They also have a mattress selection and customization system called Sleep Metrics. Boyd also has adjustable beds and platforms, including European slat support systems.

Boyd Specialty Sleep was established in 1977 by Dennis Boyd when he opened a waterbed store in Columbia, MO. Boyd expanded his endeavors into manufacturing, and now has markets and manufacturing facitlities around the world. Boyd Specialty Sleep is now part of the Boyd Group, which also includes The Bedroom Store (six retail locations) and Blue Magic (water conditioners for waterbeds). BSS products are sold through several nationwide and online retailers and are shipped to distributors globally. According to Boyd Specialty Sleep, they sell more than 400,000 mattresses annually.

On its website, Boyd Specialty Sleep lists twenty U.S. patents related to sleep products. They also define what they mean by "specialty" sleep products: those which rely on support other than innersprings. This is not surprising, coming from Dennis Boyd. He began selling waterbeds because it was on a waterbed he found relief from tendonitis. This definition is illustrated by the Boyd Specialty Sleep list of mattress collections: Boyd Flotation (waterbeds), Boyd Air Beds (adjustable air mattresses), Boyd Natural Flex Latex, Boyd Memory Foam, and Sleep Metrics (a computerized diagnostic system). Each collection has a number of series or models.

In mid-2013, Boyd Specialty Sleep introduced new specialty sleep products, including four collections with newly licensed Thomasville and Broyhill labels. This includes Thomasville branded mattresses as well as models under the Boyd name.

Boyd openly advertizes the environmentally friendly nature of its sleep products, citing both materials and manufacturing processes.

2016 Update

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Boyd Specialty Sleep began with waterbeds, which Dennis Boyd labeled "flotation beds" and "Fluid Suspension Mattresses." With numerous models and placement with several retailers, Boyd Flotation is still a significant factor in the design and manufacture of waterbeds. Judging by customer reviews on retailers' online sites, Boyd's waterbeds are the most highly rated. is a proud member of these and other organizations