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Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding manufactures and sells latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses, memory foam mattress toppers, pillows, and accessories (such as a bed frame, an adapter for attaching a headboard and/or footboard, and a mattress protector).

About the company itself, according to the Brooklyn Bedding website:


Who is Brooklyn Bedding?

Brooklyn Bedding is a family owned and operated mattress factory located in Phoenix AZ. Brooklyn Bedding was a factory started by a couple of brothers, John and Rob Merwin. They happened to see a niche in the mattress market and decided to try and do something about it. Starting in the world of retail with only one brick and mortar store by the name of R&S Mattress. They would buy closeouts, overstocks and discontinued merchandise from all the major mattress companies. It was during one of these meetings that they noticed some bedding extras (raw materials, springs, fabric, thread, foam, ect.) sitting in the corner of the warehouse. Curiosity took over and the question arose “What is all that stuff over in the corner?” The employee began to talk about what happens when major retailers decide that they want something a little different. Different color fabric, maybe a different spring or maybe that particular model wasn’t selling for whatever reason. They get stuck with all these raw materials and finished goods that are hard to sell. It was then that Rob asked “Well what are you going to do with all that stuff?” “Well if we can’t sell it we will have to scrap it all out.” It was then that John and Rob thought they could buy this stuff and start making their own mattresses. It wasn’t more than a couple months later that the first pieces of mattress production equipment showed up and R&S Mattress was manufacturing mattresses.

John and Rob will admit that lots and lots of mistakes have been made and finding deals hasn’t always been easy but now Brooklyn Bedding and R&S Mattress are sought after by every component supplier and most manufactures as an outlet for them to sell miscellaneous materials. Most recently, Brooklyn bedding is purchasing all the raw materials and finished goods left behind by some of the biggest manufactures that haven’t been able to make it through these trying times. Spring Air and International Bedding are the most recent purchases. Brooklyn Bedding then brings in these materials, manufactures them and then exclusively sells the finished products at 18 R&S Mattress retail locations in Arizona and Utah. “It is such a fun business. The fact that we can build and offer customers a high quality mattress, that doesn’t make your jaw drop when you hear the price, is very rewarding” claims John. Brooklyn Bedding is now a state of the art mattress manufacturing facility with over 110,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space.

WHY "Brooklyn" Bedding?

Brooklyn happens to be the name of John’s youngest daughter. “I just like the way it sounded, I certainly wasn’t trying to play any favorites with my children” laughs John. So when the girls got a little older John’s oldest daughter finally asked “Dad why didn’t you name the mattress company after me?” After a pause John finally answered, “Well Kayli Bedding just sounded dumb.” If you ask him John will show you the permanent bruise he has on his shin after Kayli kicked him very hard. So if you happen to go into any of the R&S Mattress stores, all the Brooklyn Bedding mattress models are named after John and Rob’s children and the children of their friends. “They think it is really neat, they are always asking me which one of them is the best seller. They laugh and give each other such a hard time if their mattress just happens to not sell very many.”

WHY Choose US?

We believe that we offer some of the highest quality mattresses and give people the best value and bang for the buck in the industry. Please feel free to stop in at one of our 18 locations or drop us a line with any questions that you may have. We would love to be your home for purchasing mattresses. And if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can point you in the right direction: even if it is from one of our competitors. No high-pressure sales. A family owned company you can count on. That is Brooklyn Bedding."


About their mattresses, Brooklyn Bedding says,
"All mattresses are personalized and built to order
* Factory direct, no middle man & no non-sense
* Oeko-Tex & CertiPur-US Certified
* Ships within 2-3 days
* Easiest comfort exchange in the industry
* Our latex mattresses sleep 7x cooler than traditional foam
* Free shipping on all mattresses, always!"

Also, on the Brooklyn Bedding website is a chat line.

Update 2015

Brooklyn Bedding has a totally new website. They also have a new sales model. In 2013, when we first reviewed them, Brooklyn Bedding had several models of mattresses with several constructions and sizes. Also, BB mattresses were being sold in stores in Phoenix and around Arizona. They did have online sales, too.

The company has reconfigured their main website and launched a second one, DreamFoam Bedding. Each site has a different marketing format. Brooklyn Bedding is factory-direct online sales only, while the DreamFoam Bedding brand continues the multiple models which are available through retailers, now with model names beginning with Ultimate Dreams. This bimodal marketing is designed to reach a broader market. One look at the BB website, and it is evidentl it was designed for Millennials.

Now Brooklyn Bedding has one model on the Brooklyn Bedding website, a 10" latex mattress with a polyfoam support core. It is sold online. Period. And it is shipped by FedEx to any place in the United States.

The Brooklyn Bedding website is formatted in a way similar to the new sites of several other mattress manufacturers. The top of the first page has three areas: Brooklyn, Sleep Blog, and Let's Get Social. Under Brooklyn is a menu of seven pages: Shop, Design, About, Reviews, FAQs, Blog, My Account. Under Sleep Blog are the titles to five articles on sleep. And Let's Get Social has icon links to five SM sites: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

If you click on About, it will lead you page-to-page until it takes you to Design and eventually to Shop. Several of the pages have animation. To me the site seems designed for mobile devices, but is still friendly to PC's and Macs.

Brooklyn Bedding explains their current marketing model like this (edited for block text):

"The problem" is that "the current mattress industry is broken and needs fixing. Mark-ups [are] exorbitant," resulting in prices that are "five times the actual cost. Most mattress consumers still pay an arm & leg for a 'decent mattress' and a kidney for a really nice one."

Shopping for a mattress is "Overly complex, [with] redundant options." As a result, "Mattress shopping can be tedious, with a plethora of different types and brands." On top of this, the shopping experience has become inconvenient. "Some mattress salesman are creepy or don't really know their product."

By becoming a factory direct manufacturer, Brooklyn Bedding has been able to slash prices. Their rule is K.I.S.S. which stands for "Keep-Ing Sleep Simple." Keys to this are an "intuitive online platform" (website) and one mattress with only three firmness levels.

The one mattress which Brooklyn Bedding now makes and sells is named the Best Mattress Ever. Since BB does not use showrooms anymore, there are plenty of pictures on the site. Also, more photos are on other sites in articles about Brooklyn Bedding.

The changeover to 3-O's (one model online only) is recent enough that at this time some retailers still have previous models available. is a proud member of these and other organizations