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Chattam & Wells


2016 is the 20th anniversary of the Chattam & Wells brand. It was established by E. S. Kluft, the founder of ES Kluft & Company, in 1996. It was later sold to a SpringAir affiliate. It is made and sold in the United States by Cannon Sleep Products/Pleasant Mattress, a SpringAir International licensee. This brand has its own website,

In the market turmoil beginning in 2008, production of C&W mattresses fell off in America. It has now been relaunched with five now available through exclusive dealers in the Southwestern U.S. listed on the C&W site. These are Franklin Euro Top, Revere Euro Top, Hamilton Firm, Hamilton Plush, and Hamilton Pillowtop.

2 mattresses on display

Chattam & Wells was started as a maker of California style luxury mattresses, and that is still its line of products. These are multi-coil innerspring mattresses. All five of the mattresses have a support core of Hinge-Flex knotted offset coils (it is interesting to note that offset coils were invented by Francis Karr, the founder of SpringAir).

Chattam Core

The Franklin and Revere models also have other coils. As a coil-on-coil design, the offset coil innerspring is topped with a layer of wrapped pocket coils. Higher up, in the euro top of the Franklin, is a layer of nano coils (very low height microcoils).

Nano Coils

Nano Coils

Edge support in Chattam and Wells models is the two-piece Chattam Edge, This pairs foam rails with a "portrait edge."

Chattam Edge

Each current Chattam & Wells mattress cover is topped with the Chattam Quilt. Tencel fabric is quilted with Joma wool and convoluted high density foam.

Convol Foam

Other materials used in Chattam & Wells mattresses are polyester and rayon fire barriers, Talalay and Dunlop latex, and high-resiliency polyurethane foam.

Chattam & Wells supplies its own foundation for its mattresses. This upholstered base is made of wood, with 18 slats (and a center rail in larger sizes). According to C&W, these are made by Amish craftsmen.

Putting coils in place

Chattam and Wells prides itself on handmade quality. Oh yes, they do use sewing machines and mechanized cutters, but these are all operated by hand, not in an automated line. Tufting is done completely by hand. The C&W site has photos of people at work making mattresses. The company says, "Each Chattam & Wells luxury mattress is made in the USA by people who believe their job is to create a mattress that provides the foundation for a healthy life."


Shown at markets this year is the Chattam & Wells Throne Bed. This is a top-of-the-line luxury bed, with mattress, bed and regal headboard. It is designed and made by a SpringAir affiliate in Southeast Asia to invoke a sense of imperial majesty. is a proud member of these and other organizations