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Comfortaire is an adjustable airbed manufacturer. Comfortaire's 2013 Collection has three different series of beds, the Original Comfort Series, the Clear Comfort Series, and the Elite Series. Each series carries its own benefits, and there are three different pumps, one used for one model, another for two models, and the third used for all of the other models. Comfortaire claims to be a competitive manufacturer for people who consider the Select Comfort (Sleep Number) brand of adjustable airbeds. Pricing on the Comfortaire beds is very competitive (based on MSRP from the manufacturer’s websites). Comfortaire is located at ComfortAire Corporation, 6801 Augusta Road, Greenville, SC 29605, and can be reached by phone at 800-759-0594.

One of the most unique things I have found about Comfortaire is the information they publish on their website. The "Learning Center" tab has links to several organizations with research and information about sleep and mattresses. This includes information on sleep disorders, recent surveys, and other issues. Under the "Aire Advantage" tab, you will find information about Comfortaire's innovations and materials, the proper firmness level of a mattress, and the history of mattresses. Some of the articles are titled, A history of innovation, Bamboo and beans, Comfort for life, Not too hard, not too soft, and The rest is history.

ComfortAire designs their mattresses according to a concept they call Renew Refresh. This means that you, the user, can remove the padding for cleaning, replace old foam materials, or upgrade the mattress. The air control system can also be replaced.

Comfortaire’s website is well put together. Comfortaire does directly sell the beds from their website, but they also provide a retailer locator tool to help you find their beds locally if possible. The description for each Comfortaire model lists the MSRP for each size of that model. Comfortaire seems to provide quality information, and if this speaks to the quality of their products, then our expectations are set high.

In 2014 Comfortaire released its new lineup of adjustable airbeds.  The 2015 Comfortaire Collection has three series with eight models.  The new series and models are Genesis Series (G10 EssenceG12 SonataG15 Horizons), Nouvelle Series (N11 RadianceN15 ReflectionsN17 Enchantment), and Ultimate Series (U11SolsticeU15 Harmony).  These replace the previous series and models as they are sold out. is a proud member of these and other organizations