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Duxiana, a Swedish manufacturer, has been in business since 1926. Duxiana, often referred to simply as Dux, hand-manufactures bed sets which are some of the most expensive models available in the United States. Dux uses premium materials and very intricate design options to create a truly customizable sleep experience. Some over-complicated from other manufacturers are reduced to their simplest form with Dux beds. As an example, you can control firmness in the Dux 8888 model simply by moving foam sections directly below the cover. Also, the upper layer itself is independently replaceable as needed. Another feature is the adjustable lumbar support, which is simply operated by a hand crank, reducing the number of components which could become damaged or broken.

Duxiana beds are available exclusively from retail locations owned by Dux. This means that unless there is a store near your area, you may have a difficult time purchasing a Dux bed. Most stores are located in the New England area, or California. There are only a few stores which are not in one of these two areas. Even with this limited number of stores, the Dux beds may well be worth traveling for, as there are testimonials from customers who have slept without any issues for as much as 56 years on their Dux bed.

Duxiana, whose headquarters is in Sweden at DUX Industrier AB, Strandridaregatan 8 Box 1002, 231 25 Trelleborg, claims to have beds in the homes of some of the world’s most well known celebrities, athletes, and politicians. Of course at Beds.org, we do not recommend that you should purchase a bed based on celebrity usage or reference, but that you should rather research and test the bed first.

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