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European Sleep Works

European Sleep Works, in Berkeley, California, has been making mattresses since 1971. As to the name of the company, European Sleep Works says, "Our name references our use of European components and design innovations, which we began incorporating into our products in 1993. We source wool, cotton, and slats from Germany; slat holders from France; latex from the Netherlands and Malaysia; and pocketed coils from Germany and Sweden."

European Sleep Works products are made in their own California factories in Ontario, CA and Richmond, CA, and sold in their own store in the south end of Berkeley. About the store, European Sleep Works says, "Unlike other retail store environments, we never have sales, we don’t negotiate, and our sales staff is non-commission. We think everyone should get the same fair price without worry or pressure."

European Sleep Works prides itself on the materials used in their mattresses. These include Merino wool in the quilting, European pocketed coils from Germany or Sweden, natural latex, and organic cotton. They also offer a flexible slat foundation, an alternative to box springs. This is the normal foundation in Europe. European Sleep Works states that their mattresses are engineered to work with the slat suspension system. ESW did not say whether the slats are imported or manufactured here.

The mattress lines produced by European Sleep Works are Alpine ES, Alpine, Nordic II, 8" All-latex, and Children's. All of these feature covers of organic cotton fabric quilted with Merino wool.

Just a Note: __ The mattress plant in Ontario, CA, mentioned on the European Sleep Works website manufactures mattresses with the Berkeley Ergonomics name, which are sold at European Sleep Works in Berkeley and European Sleep Design in Sacramento as well as the B.E. store in Ontario. B.E. mattresses are also sold by other retailers across the nation, for example in New York, Massachussetts, Ohio and Texas.

2015 Update

European Sleep Works has revised its models since mid-2013 when first reviewed here. The current line-up has seven mattresses: Latex ClassicLatex II HDMAlpine ClassicAlpine HDMNordic HDMCalico HDM, and Children’s Mattress.

Latex Classic is a revised version of the 8" All-Latex, with Talalay latex in the support core instead of Dunlop latex, while the Latex HDM adds a layer of microcoils.  Alpine Classic and Alpine HDM are updates of the Alpine and the Alpine ES Nordic HDM replaces the former Nordic model.  Calico HDM is a new model.  And the Children's Mattress is now described as "Ideal for kids of all ages."

European Sleep Works and Berkely Ergonomics (BE) now operate separately from each other. ESW markets mostly in the Bay Area of California, while BE serves markets across the country.

In addition to mattresses and flexible slat foundations, European Sleep Works has its own lines of pillows, bedding and furniture. is a proud member of these and other organizations