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Helix Sleep was launched in August 2015 in New York City by a trio of former schoolmates, Jerry Lin, Kristian von Rickenbach, and Adam Tishman. While at Warton University studying for their MBAs, they decided to put their lessons in business administration to work making and selling mattresses.

Why mattresses? All three were dissatisfied with their own mattress buying experiences. They also saw opportunity in the bedding market, especially in online sales. Their business model: design and build a better mattress, then sell it online. BedInABox had been doing that for a number of years already. And new startups were simplifying mattress shopping while cutting the prices.

Where would this trio's product line have an advantage? Personalization. Most of the upstart mattress companies were one-horse shows. The only selection was the size. It was a one-feel-fits-all approach. As most people know, most people are not the average person. A mattress needs to fit the people using it.

There are two approachs to finding the right mattress for a person or a couple. One is to have a plethora of models to choose from. As most mattress shoppers have found out, that can be bewildering.

The other approach is to make the mattress meet the needs of the customers. This is where their education came in handy. Using test sleepers, surveys, etc., the Helix Sleep trio devised a questionaire for buyers. The customer's profile (two if it is a couple) is fed into a computer, and an algorithm prescribes the character of the mattress using four variables. The basic construction and materials of the bed are the same–latex, microcoils, high density foam–but the properties of the various components are tailored to the profile.

latex microcoils foam

Helix Sleep does have one showroom in New York City. Customers can see samples of the beds and customize their mattresses there.

The Helix Sleep mattress is made to order and delivered in 7-10 days with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial period.

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