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Innovative Standards (Amazing Bed)

Innovative Standards, Inc., better known by the name of its signature product, the Amazing Bed (also known as My Amazing Bed), is located west of Kansas City, near the geographic center of the continental United States. It provides engineering solutions and innovation of products for other firms, but the Amazing Bed is its own product. Here is how Innovative Standards describes itself:

About Innovative Standards

We are an advanced engineering and manufacturing Company, with emphasis in multiple facets of design and technology. Engineering solutions are developed with advanced 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD), and fully automated CNC Machining Equipment. One of the strong goals of the Company is to seek American made when available; Vendors which provide Services, Manufacturing Machinery/Equipment, and Complete finished sub-components, Electronic Processing and Control Systems, Bedding Components/Fabric, and Skilled Labor.

The Company’s Headquarters is centrally located in the US and the majority of components are produced domestically, but all of its Capital Equipment and Engineering investments are here. We welcome and respect the efforts of millions worldwide, but have found with only modest effort, the majority of products and services can be sourced in America.

So this allows us the opportunity to integrate a much higher level of serviceability into our much automated massage equipment, when compared to all others. Since we fully design and develop in the U.S., and our contributing suppliers are domestic, we have been able to make real time changes throughout the complex development process. This is not only for the purpose of providing an “only product of its type ever”, but this will allow servicing dealers the ability to diagnose, service and replace individual component parts (not just complete systems) in the field. Not having to wait weeks to ship major components back to a service facility out of state or overseas.

This is a significant advantage to all. In spite of the economic circumstances which have occurred over the last several years, where many market sectors have done very well and others have struggled, consumer dynamics and desires essentially have not changed. The Amazing Bed™ was conceived, postulated, crafted, designed, patented and developed over a significant number of years.

As the public has continued to fully embrace true and tangible benefits, “Standards of Innovation” and actual measurable results have and will continue to hold up to the test of time. Accordingly, our “true massaging machine in a sleeping bed” is considered by many to be “Amazing”. Embracing the latest advanced technology and pursuing relentless innovation should be the goal (or minimum “Standard”) of all Companies attempting to provide significant new improvements to existing products. Innovative Standards, Inc. has been awarded several U.S. Patents and has multiple patents pending.

At Innovative Standards, Inc. this is what we are and this is what we do.

Innovative Standards appears to be a relative newcomer to bed and mattress manufacturing, but the introduction of the Amazing Bed at the Spring 2013 High Point Market promises to make them a prominent participant in the industry. A foreseeable impact is other mattress manufacturers developing their own massaging beds. At the present, massage is a function of several adjustable foundations. What is new about the Amazing Bed is that the massage is within the mattress itself. The entire bed, mattress, foundation and massage, are a unit.

Innovative Standards has Amazing Beds configured for residential use, spas and chiropractic practice, and the hospitality industry.  On the technical side, there are now three massage heads to choose from - Narrow, Wide or Extended Reach.

More information about Innovative Standards, Inc. may be found at

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