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IntelliBED is a line of mattresses and related products mannufactured by Advance Comfort Technologies, Inc. (ACTI), located in Holladay, Utah. These mattresses are based on intelli-GEL, a honeycombed co-polymer gel developed by EdiZone, also a Utah company. This gel was tested and sold by Gaymar Industries in hospitals and other health care institutions. ACTI developed intelli-GEL products for home use. As of the date of this review, only Advanced Comfort Technologies and intelliBED are licensed to manufacture and sell home bedding products using Intelli-GEL.

Currently, IntelliBED has stores in eight states and two Canadian provinces (listed below). IntelliBED mattresses are also pescribed by and sold through participating chiropractors and physicians.


Here is is the statement by Advanced Comfort Technologies, Inc.:

Founded in 1998, Advanced Comfort Technologies, Inc. is committed to changing the way America buys sleep! As the worldwide leader in the sleep-wellness revolution, and enjoying the support of chiropractors across the country, intelliBED was founded on the idea that it is possible to perfect the science of sleep.

Most manufacturers are still making mattresses with the same materials used since 1960 – materials that can be harmful, even toxic, to the body. With thorough research, doctor and patient interviews, and extensive third-party testing, we designed and manufactured the mattress the other mattress companies don’t want you to know about!

We own the exclusive rights to the Intelli-GEL® technology patent – the only gel that can sense out and relieve pressure points!

Intelli-GEL sleep surfaces are used in hospitals where they’ve been proven to be the most effective way to treat serious wound care patients like those suffering from bed sores or burns. These Intelli-GEL-based hospital sleep surfaces cost well over $10,000. We lowered the cost by about 75% by cutting out all the middlemen.

Our intelliBEDs and the Intelli-GEL that goes in them are manufactured in our Utah factory and are exclusively available to the public through intelliBED or our network of wellness professionals who help their patients achieve the healing qualities of deep, sleep; and the critical role the intelliBED plays in achieving it.


Mattresses by IntelliBED include: intelliBED 20, intelliBED 20 Plush, Relief Perfect Latex, Posture Perfect, Spinal Decompression System, Kids Mattress (twin-size for children), and intelliBEDmini (baby crib mattress).

IntelliBED stores are located in Utah, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, California, Nevada, Florida, Alberta, and British Columbia.  

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