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Keetsa Eco-Friendly Mattresses is a relatively new manufacturer of mattresses and other bedding products. Started in the middle of 2007 in San Francisco, it already has an international reputation as a "green" company. This includes an interview of Joe Alexander, Keetsa's first employee, in the Wall Street Journal and reviews of the company by several independent bloggers.

Keesta aims to be environmentally and economically responsible. Goals supporting this aim include reducing waste, reducing harmful byproducts in the final product (such as volatile organic compounds—VOC's), best use of sustainable resources, and reduced use of non-renewable resources. Areas in which these goals are implemented are materials, design, production processes, product mix, packaging and shipping. Keetsa's statement of this is:

Keetsa is committed to presenting a line of sleep products that has a minimum impact on your pocketbook and on the environment. We have innovated many changes resulting in a more eco-friendly product line and process. Keetsa continues to seek out new innovations to create sleep products that you and your family can purchase with confidence.

Among materials used in Keetsa mattresses are hemp blend cover fabric, organic cotton fabric, bamboo fibers, wool, castor bean oil, and green tea extract.

Being economically responsible means to them considering the impact of their processes and selection of materials on domestic and foreign economies while making products that are generally affordable.

Another stated value of Keetsa Eco-Friendly Mattresses is integrity. Commitment to integrity is demonstrated in their openness concerning the composition of their BioFoam. They freely acknowledge that castor bean oil constitutes only 12% of Keetsa's BioFoam memory foam, and they tell us why:

Replacing more than 12% of the petroleum with plant oil will risk compromising the quality and durability of the foam. We are continuing the development process to increase the portion of plant oil, so we can depend less and less on petroleum in producing our foam.

Keetsa also sources latex sap from "jungle rubber" farms in SE Asia, a rain-forest-friendly alternative to monoculture rubber plantations.

Keetsa offers free shipping to the contiguous 48 states and most parts of Canada. They also sell and ship to other parts of the world via Shipwire. Keetsa researched and developed a method of compressing their mattresses to fit into the smallest possible boxes. This saves packaging materials, saves space in shippers' transportation venues, and saves fuel. Saving shipping space also reduces the cost to consumers. Compressed packaging also means customers can pick up their own mattresses from a store. Photos posted on the Keetsa website show several customers with boxed mattresses in their cars.

Keetsa has at least four showrooms in the United States, in San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles County (Venice), and New York City. Several authorized retailers in several states also carry Keetsa products.

Keetsa's list of products includes Mattresses, Bed Frames, Comfort Layers, Pillows, Protectors & Bedding, Bedroom Basic Sets, and Giving Kandles. A page called New Arrivals displays products recently added to any of the above categories. Giving Kandles are scented candles hand-poured into mason jars. Half of the proceeds from selling Giving Kandles is sent to organizations helping less fortunate children.

Currently, Keetsa lists seven mattress models: The Keetsa Plus®, The Keetsa Pillow Plus®, The Keetsa Cloud®, Tea Leaf Classic®, Tea Leaf Supreme®, Tea Leaf Dream®, and The Keetsa Latex®. Five of these models are innerspring mattresses with iCoil pocket coils.  One of these, Tea Leaf Dream® is a hybrid, with both iCoils and memory foam in the support core.  The other two, Keetsa Cloud® and Tea Leaf Supreme®, are memory foam mattresses.

The preferred foundation for Keetsa mattresses is a platform or the floor. The claim is that these mattresses do not need a box spring or any other springy foundation (which also rules out European wood slats). All that is needed is a flat suface with full support. Keetsa says their mattresses are not designed for adjustable beds, even though it appears that they could work well with adjustable bases. But why jeopardize the warranty?

Keetsa mattresses are covered by a 12-year warranty, which applies only to the original purchaser. Use of a Keetsa Eco-Friendly Mattress on an adjustable bed or a Murphy bed voids the warranty. is a proud member of these and other organizations