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Latexpedic is a branch of Electropedic Beds, a manufacturer of adjustable beds. Latexpedic makes latex mattresses for use on Electropedic's adjustable beds. They are also bought by users of other kinds of beds in Electropedic showrooms and through other retailers.

Latexpedic has four models. Three are all-latex mattresses, and the fourth is a latex/pocket coil hybrid. These are the 7" Latex Mattress, 8.5" Perfect Firmness, 9" High Profile, and 11" The Ultimate (Perfect Firmness is the hybrid). Each model is a two-sided mattress.

Talalay Latex

All the latex foam in Latexpedic mattresses is Talalay latex, processed by Latex International. The all-latex models have 6" latex support cores, and two have softer latex on each side.

Latex Sap

Three types of latex are used in Latexpedic mattresses: classic, natural, and organic. Natural latex is made 100% from rubber tree sap. Classic latex is a blend of natural and synthetic (man-made) latex. Organic latex is natural latex certified as being from trees raised organically and the sap handled and treated in prescribed ways.

Spinal Support

Latexpedic emphasizes the kind of support latex provides. Like memory foam, latex relieves pressure and supports the spine. Unlike memory foam, latex does not sink in to envelop the user, but lift the user up. It is also more breathable. All this is intended to promote restful quality sleep.

Each latex mattress model from Latexpedic is available in a choice of four firmness levels, ranging from Soft (Plush) to Ultra Firm.

A Note about Latexpedic online

The Latexpedic webpages, like the Electropedic Beds webpages, are not efficiently organized, and it is easy for visitors to be confused. Much material is needlessly repeated, and several links take the user to another copy of the same page. Also, to make the site easier to find, the company name is hyphenated in the URL of a duplicate website. It would be more efficient to redirect users who click on the hyphenated URL to the primary site. is a proud member of these and other organizations