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Magniflex, founded and headquartered in Prato near Florence, Italy, is a manufacturer of mattresses, pillows, accessories and toppers. It now has a global presence. It is represented in over 70 countries and has "showrooms in Florence, New York, Tokyo, Cyprus, Singapore, Dubai, Prague, and Kiev."

In the 1960s, Giuliano Magni began making mattresses. He saw the role a mattress plays in sleeping well and the role of sleep in the quality of life. He began research to improve the design and construction of mattresses.

Vacuum packing of mattresses began in 1986. Magni began vacuum packing his mattresses, even patenting his own process for doing this. He sought to provide better hygiene for mattresses in shipment, and vacuum packaging served this purpose.

Among the advantages of vacuum packing is compactness, meaning that less space is required to ship mattresses this way, saving in cost, spce, fuel, and harm to the environment.

Now Magniflex, called Gruppo Magni (Magni Group), is run by Giuliano Magni's three sons: Marco, Fabrizio and Alessandro. Marco is the Sales and Marketing Director as well as President of Magniflex USA. Marco says, “For many years, Magniflex has been invested in bringing new technologies and ingredients in our tickings that provide better health and healing. These sleep products are not only very popular with consumers, but our retailers love carrying the products because they have a real story to help them sell better, more restorative sleep to their customers.”

Magniflex's commitment to health and the environment is carried out in its development of hypoallergenic sleep products. It is certified by Oeko-Tex for producing products free from allergy causing materials, the first mattress manufacturer to be so certified.

Magniflex has two collections of sleep products (including mattresses): Magniflex and Geoethic. Magniflex has four series of mattresses: Memoform Magnifoam, Magnigel, Elioform, and Eliosoft. Geoethic has five: Bamboo Chic, Bamboo Extreme, BioCotton Caresse Deluxe, Linen Experience, and Linen Natursoft Deluxe. Each series has several models.

In 2014, Magniflex released a revised mattress lineup, replacing the earlier models. Most of the new memory foam mattresses in the new series are upgrades of 2013 models. The new lineup has fifteen models organized into five collections: Supremo, Toscana, Dolce Vita, Magnigel, and Classico.

Materials used in Magniflex mattresses include: Memoform (memory foam), Magnigel Foam (gel memory foam), Magnifoam (a special type of polyurethane foam)in two versions-the very firm Elioform and the medium firm Eliosoft, Mallow Foam (containing mallow flower extracts), Ecogreen (support material made from "breathable fabrics"), Geomemory (contouring support with aloe vera), Silver fibre (for antibacterial/antiviral properties), Viscose (rayon) fiber, Outlast fabric, Coolmax, Linen, BioCotton, and Bamboo.

Several US retailers sell Magniflex mattresses, including online. The prices are in line with other makes. They have a 20-year manufacturer's warranty. is a proud member of these and other organizations