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Miralux is a name brand of mattress produced by International Bedding Corporation, more commonly referred to as IBC or International Bedding. Although Beds.org would normally rate a bed based on the manufacturer rather than the brand name, in this case it is critical to know that the 5 brand names under the IBC logo are in fact different production lines and not a rebranded duplicate of a bed sold under another name.

IBC, and its brands Europa, Origins, Miralux, American-Pedic, and Hospitality, subscribe to a marketing method which uses exclusivity to increase the value of its products. As an example, if there were a Rolls Royce dealer in every neighborhood, and if Rolls Royce had a model with a comparable price to other luxury cars, then that brand of car would not be such an exclusive option any longer. With Miralux, and other IBC models, you won’t find them everywhere, so although the price is comparable with similar models, the exclusivity of the brand makes any IBC brand rate a little higher on the desirability scale (which is something that we dare not measure at Beds.org).

Miralux markets several models of beds, including some utilizing memory foam, latex foam, and other high-performance materials. All Miralux beds use several advanced features such as an all-natural fire resistant material, individually pocketed coil springs, a foam perimeter system, and zoned body support. As a part of International Bedding, you may see some features of different models which seem similar to features offered by other IBC brands, but by all of our research these brands produce completely different models and you should not see two beds from different brands which are alike.

International Bedding is headquartered at 1000 NW 65th St, Suite 103, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 and can be reached by phone at 954-491-1002. You can enquire about their beds and bedding options available via the contact form on the website, ibcgroup.com, or at any of the selected online and traditional retail locations.

International Bedding, the parent company of Miralux, closed in January 2012.  


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